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As Swiss Psychologist, Jean Piaget, once stated, “Knowledge is a consequence of experience.”  There is a lot of truth to this statement and as education continues to evolve, Project-Based Learning (PBL) has become more recognized. In fact, many schools have actually taken on a Project Based Learning Model in offering their students the opportunity to…

Lorrie Holmes February 21, 2024
9 min read

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November 11, 2023

Education Issue is here!

In this issue, we have provided more information about what these report cards will look like. The BC government has made some changes and the new format has been updated to better encourage our children’s learning. We have also included information about various learning approaches—critical thinking, project-based learning, music, and of course play and its…

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  • Exciting Back to School is coming!

    It’s been a great summer filled with quality moments with our families at exciting locations around the city. There are a few weeks left, but now it is time to start preparing for the school year. In this issue, we have an article to help you choose a location for a new early learner. It’s a tough…

    Back to School
  • Yay Summer 2023 is almost here!!!

    Summer holidays can be fun and exciting - or long and boring. Luckily this summer there are amazing events to go to. There are also a lot of exciting camps that your kids could attend. They can sing and dance, learn STEM with LEGO, be around horses, and do many other great activities. Read our…

  • Exciting News: The 2023 Family Resource Guide is here!!!

    It's hard to believe it's already March and you may be anxiously awaiting Spring, like me. It's coming soon and so are the activities, Spring Break, and Summer Break. Our Family Resource Guide was put together to provide you with lists of businesses that can help you connect with the businesses you need to talk…

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