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8 Common Successful Life Mistakes

Reading Time: 8 minutes
etting a great mark, and forgetting everything you learned after a few days. The status quo is only focusing on getting great marks, but not looking ahead at how to prepare for a changing world. Here are 8 common successful life mistakes.

3 helpful tips to speak to your children in more than one language

Reading Time: 4 minutes
When my wife and I first met a family who spoke more than one language to their toddler, we were intrigued. Was that possible? Would it be healthy for our children?

5 great ways to get through homeschooling again!

Reading Time: 4 minutes
We've been asked to start homeschooling again. It is short-term and hopefully only until January 10th. Here are 5 ways to help get through this chaos.

7 Simple Tips for Finding the Perfect Preschool

Reading Time: 6 minutes
We were running errands when one of my teenagers shouted and pointed, “Look! It’s our old preschool!” Soon my other two teens were chiming in, “I loved it there!” and “That was my favorite school. Do you remember when…” And just like that, we were walking down a memory lane of craft projects, field trips, and even that time when the teacher helped with a loose tooth that just wouldn’t budge.
It made me happy that my kids remembered their days there as fondly as I did. Finding a preschool may seem stressful but when you focus on the right things, you can find the perfect place for you and your kids.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race - 10 Strategies to Success!

Reading Time: 6 minutes
10 Strategies to Success The following are strategies that have proven successful in helping students reach (and exceed) their goals, regardless of the child’s circumstances!

Why parents choose private school

Reading Time: 5 minutes
features parents look for when they turn to the private system include a specific educational approach, such as Montessori or Waldorf; a particular religious or cultural setting; a strong academic setting or a program for children who are gifted; the ability to accommodate special needs; the flexibility to accommodate special scheduling required by art, music or sports training.

22 Questions to Ask Your Child to Sharpen Critical Thinking Skills

Reading Time: 3 minutes
enhances critical thinking for kids. And why are critical thinking skills important? Critical thinking gives your child the confidence to power through academic and general life challenges smoothly.

Future of Learning: personalized learning, the key to student success

Reading Time: 5 minutes
The pandemic has disrupted our lives in many ways. As a result, many parents, teachers, and students can’t wait to get back to “normal” school. Many that fall into this camp discuss the lack of community along with the lack of face-to-face interactions with teachers and peer groups when not learning in person. However other parents, teachers, and students fall into another camp. This group likes digital learning models because students can go at their own pace and set their own times for study. Learning online allows for more personalized learning and time for experiences and projects.

10 Helpful Tips For You and Your Child with Back-To-School Anxiety

Reading Time: 7 minutes
September is known as a very stressful month for parents and kids, so let’s make a plan to reduce the stressors and lower the anxiety in your home. Here are 10 tips to help your children get over it.

Exciting - a new IB school is coming to Richmond

Reading Time: 4 minutes
The International Baccalaureate Diploma programme, designed for students in grades 11 and 12, is growing in popularity in high schools around the world, but the IB also offers programmes for younger students, the Middle Years Programme. The International Baccalaureate first introduced the Middle Years Programme in 1994 and has since been adopted by more than 1,300 schools around the world in more than 100 countries, and we have a new one coming to Richmond, BC!

5 ways to prevent the summer slide

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Most people will agree that the summer slide is real, and something that all parents and caregivers should try to avoid. This year is no different; in fact, this summer it is even more important than ever to ensure children retain the skills they learned throughout the school year, as the worries associated with COVID-19 may have been a distraction.
Continuing educational activities over the summer months is one way to combat the “COVID Slide” and ensure your children are fully prepared for the school year in September. Here are 5 ways to continue your child’s learning over the summer while keeping it fun.

Exciting Climate Change Education

Reading Time: 3 minutes
This Earth Day, it will be easier than ever to arm the next generation of youth climate activists with facts and give them hope with the new and free online Climate Restoration Course. This course, created by the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR), is specially designed by teachers for students in grades 3-5. Start the course here.

Incredible program for high school students in Vancouver - Deadline: April 5

Reading Time: 3 minutes
We just learned about an incredible extracurricular program for high school students and wanted to share it with parents in Vancouver. The Knowledge Society (TKS) is a 10-month innovation program for students ages 13-17 who want to solve the world’s biggest problems. The program is modeled after curriculums from Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, and designed to replicate the learning environments of Google and Facebook. They’ve also been recognized by organizations like the World Economic Forum.

Pear Tree Elementary expands to include middle school!

Reading Time: 4 minutes
In September 2021, Pear Tree Elementary will expand the school to include a Middle School Wing for students up to Grade 9, as part of their longer-term expansion to offer up to grade 12 in the coming years.

10 Home Learning Success Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Reading Time: 9 minutes
Anyone can become a resourceful teacher. Although we may not all be professional teachers, with a little creativity, we can make use of everyday opportunities and common materials to create fun and educational experiences for our children. By doing so consistently, we can create and sustain an enriching home learning environment for our children. Here are 10 home learning success tips.

Preparing your kids for back to school during COVID

Reading Time: 7 minutes
Come September, families are expected to send their kids for in-person learning at school. It...

The Tech Solution - how to manage screen-time

Reading Time: 5 minutes
Technology use carries with it myriad potential consequences—among them cyberbullying, sleep deprivation, poor posture, back...

12 helpful ways to reduce stress and prepare for back-to school during a pandemic

Reading Time: 6 minutes
With the recent announcement of return-to-school plans, although with a minor delay, many children and...

4 Useful Tips to Prepare Children for this Unprecedented School Year

Reading Time: 4 minutes
After months of uncertainty, it’s now official: most B.C. students will be going back to...

Worried about the “COVID Slide”? 5 ways to keep your kids learning this summer  

Reading Time: 3 minutes
Parents across the country have been faced with the reality of school closures interrupting their...

5 tips on how to be more Socratic with your children

Reading Time: 4 minutes
The Socratic method is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking...

3 Free learning resources

Reading Time: 2 minutes
With schools closing to help stop the spread of coronavirus, millions of kids will be...

child holding money
Are you ready for post-secondary schooling costs?

Reading Time: 3 minutes
The thought of post-secondary education can be terrifying for parents. The idea of their children...

Girl using Reading Eggs
Getting it right with Reading Eggs

Reading Time: 3 minutes
This post was brought to you by Reading Eggs, but the opinions are my own....

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