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image of Pelvic region
Pelvic Floor Health: the low-down

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s get real: sneezing when you pee and painful intercourse are not usually topics that...

10 Helpful Tips For You and Your Child with Back-To-School Anxiety

Reading Time: 7 minutes September is known as a very stressful month for parents and kids, so let’s make a plan to reduce the stressors and lower the anxiety in your home. Here are 10 tips to help your children get over it.

tired mom
Feeling tired? Increase your energy levels by choosing the right Iron Supplement

Reading Time: 5 minutes Did you know, many people live their daily lives without enough iron in their system, and perhaps they don’t even know it? Having low ferritin (protein that stores iron) levels is fairly common, in fact, studies have shown that up to 25% of the world’s population suffers from low iron and that up to 8% of Canadian women have low iron stores.

Healthier Options for Summer Snacks On-the-Go

Reading Time: 5 minutes Summer gets really busy for many families with lots of activities like day-camps, time at the pool or beach, and road trips. These activities leave kids especially hungry and asking for extra snacks, and it can be hard to keep up with their appetites! Here are some healthier snack ideas.

Keep children cool! Protect your child from extreme heat
Keep children cool! Protect your child from extreme heat

Reading Time: 5 minutes Extreme heat, and heat related illnesses, are especially dangerous for infants and young children. Here are some tips from Health Canada to manage in the heat.

Yoga for children and teens

Reading Time: 4 minutes Yoga for children and teens is similar to yoga for adults in that it is a personal and collective experience offering us an opportunity to go within, and encourages us to find deeper connection within ourselves for more fulfilling connection with others. The word yoga means ‘to unite.’

4 Types of Sugar Commonly Found in Children’s Snacks

Reading Time: 4 minutes At some point all children will ingest refined sugar, but putting it off for as long as possible should be every parent’s goal. In fact, a recent study by the USDA suggests that refined sugars are so harmful to the development of children, they should be completely avoided before the age of two. Some doctors and scientists argue that children’s developing bodies are much more vulnerable to the dangers of sugar in comparison to adults leaving them more exposed to a number of lifelong health conditions. In addition, research shows that the more we consume sugar, the more we crave it, and children are no exception. One of the problems of modern society is that refined sugars are often hidden in our foods and masked with healthy nicknames, making it difficult for parents to really know how much sugar they’re giving their kids. From honey to agave nectar, here are some of the most notable sugar monikers lurking in your pantry.

Diabetes in Children - Parenting Tips for Family Wellness

Reading Time: 5 minutes According to statistics from the Canadian Pediatric Society, 33,000 school-age children (5-18 years old) in Canada have Type 1 Diabetes, and there are several thousands under the age of 5. How can you identify diabetes? What can you do to support your children?

Urinary Tract Infections (UTIs) and your family

Reading Time: 7 minutes Urinary Tract Infections, better known as UTIs, is something that many women (approximately 60%) and some men, have experienced in their lifetime. Did you know that even children can get them?

Becoming a Neuro-Parent: 5 Ways to Shift Your Thinking to Help Your Child with Special Needs Thrive

Reading Time: 6 minutes What is a neuro-parent? It is a term we coined to get you thinking differently about your role as a parent to a child with special needs. It embodies the same qualities as a typical parent while encouraging you to look at your child through a new lens: that of your child’s neurology. As you begin to focus on what is possible, let’s explore five productive ways to look at your child and help him or her.

screen time
Avoid Villainizing Screen Time in Your Household

Reading Time: 4 minutes Technology is here to stay and will prove to be one of the most important tools in your child’s life. Parents must be careful not to villainize technology. By painting excessive screen time in a negative light or punishing your child for spending too much time on their device, this does not deter them away from using technology. Instead, this villainization eventually transfers to them in the form of guilt and shame.

dry hands
5 Tips to Treat Your Children's Dry Hands This Winter

Reading Time: 5 minutes If your children are suffering from dry hands that are itchy, red, and starting to crack then you need to take action right away to prevent them from getting any worse. Here are some tips to help you treat your children’s dry hands this Winter.

Excellent update from VCH - Low COVID-19 transmission in schools

Reading Time: 4 minutes Since schools reopened in September, VCH has not recorded a significant increase in COVID-19 cases among school-aged children relative to other groups. Those aged 5-17 years of age accounted for 6 per cent of VCH’s COVID-19 cases since the beginning of the pandemic, despite representing 10 per cent of VCH’s population. Evidence shows children are less likely to get infected with COVID-19, and less likely to experience severe symptoms if infected.

BC restrictions extended until Feb 5, 2021

Reading Time: 2 minutes By order and direction of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), all events and social gatherings are suspended until Feb 5, 2021. Here are some ways to fill the time.

Helpful ways to help your family deal with injuries

Reading Time: 3 minutes Virtual care is revolutionizing Canadian health care. Virtual care, or telehealth, allows you to connect directly with health care providers, from the comfort of home. In the case of physiotherapists, we use video chat to support our patients. From sprained joints, concussions, to muscular strains, your virtual care physiotherapist can provide you the same excellent level of care over a digital platform as in-person. 

6 Reasons Your Child Might Need Physiotherapy That Is Commonly Missed
6 Reasons Your Child Might Need Physiotherapy That Is Commonly Missed

Reading Time: 8 minutes Physiotherapy for children, or pediatric physiotherapy, is not only for children with disabilities. They can help with a lot of physical health conditions faced by any child.

sleep tips
9 Useful Back-to-School COVID Sleep Tips

Reading Time: 13 minutes All those fun summer days filled with sunshine, family activities, and late nights are quickly...

5 Helpful tips to Manage Nighttime Anxiety

Reading Time: 4 minutes “But I’m not tired!” “What about the monsters in the closet?” “I heard a noise...

5 reasons why parents need more sleep
5 reasons why parents need more sleep

Reading Time: 4 minutes With kids out of school in most of Canada, most parents find their days full...

Stay Strong
Staying strong while staying at home

Reading Time: 3 minutes Not having access to the gym can pose a problem for some, but Lavender says there are plenty of workout options at home using whatever you have around you to stay strong. But she cautions it’s important to create the right environment for home-based fitness.

Family Wellness
6 Useful Tips On How To Promote Family Wellness During School Closures

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s begin with an acknowledgment – these are strange times. Schools have been closed since...

3 Useful Mindfulness and Meditation Techniques To Help Your Child

Reading Time: 3 minutes With all the technology at our child’s fingertips, along with the fast-paced lifestyle that comes...

family playing board games during isolation survival
12 sanity survival tips for family time at home

Reading Time: 8 minutes When talking online with a 5th-grade boy recently, he said: “My friends and I thought that...

girl with learning disability looking for letter
Disability Tax Credit Advice for Parents with Children with Learning Disabilities or ADD/ADHD

Reading Time: 7 minutes Do you have a child with a learning disability or ADD/ADHD? Is it putting an...

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