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How can you protect your children during heat waves?

4 min read

It's official, we are in another heat wave. Temperatures expected to reach the low 40s C in some areas. Year over year, we are seeing extreme heat events become more common and severe in British Columbia and across Canada. In fact, the record-breaking heatwave British Columbians experienced in 2021 was among the most extreme since…

Dr. Michael Flaherty

heat wave

Men’s Mental Health Month: It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,

5 min read

June is Men's Mental Health Month, a crucial time to acknowledge the unique challenges men face when it comes to mental well-being. While conversations about mental health have become more commonplace in recent years, a persistent stigma still surrounds men seeking help. This silence can have serious consequences, as men are far less likely than…

Angela Wanja

mental health

Is Outdoor Risky Play The Secret to Healthier Kids?

7 min read

Think back to a favourite childhood play memory. Chances are, it took place outdoors and involved a small element of risk—whether playing near a stream, climbing trees or enjoying a game of street hockey. Little did you realize it at the time, but this very activity played a crucial role in supporting your development. In…

Lauren Erdelyi

Breathe easy: doctors share tips to protect your family’s health

5 min read

Taking steps to protect your family’s health at home is a natural instinct. If there’s mold, you clean it. If you have a pest infestation, you remove them. But, there's a major pollutant commonly used in homes across Canada that increases risks to health that not enough people are aware of: gas. Across North America,…

Angela Wanja


3 Important Head Lice Care and Prevention Tips

6 min read

So many kids get lice in January and it has nothing to do with their hair type, colour, gender or household income – it happens just after certain times of year when they gather in larger groups – like during the holidays. DAWN MUCCI, FOUNDER OF LICE SQUAD The fact is that head lice are an…

Dawn Mucci

Overwhelmed and receiving little support?  Have you considered applying for

5 min read

As parents, it is our innate nature to do all we can to support and nurture our children’s development.  There are so many stresses, hurdles, and concerns. Parents with children with disabilities or medical conditions have overwhelming pressure both emotionally and financially as they struggle to find support and put in place early interventions. Getting access to testing,…

T.J. Firenze


Children’s Grief and Awareness Day

11 min read

As hard as it is, it is important for children and youth to have their grief witnessed and supported. The Children’s Grief Foundation of Canada confirms that 1 in 5 children experience the death of a family member before they turn 18, so we can’t afford to maintain the cultural taboo. With truthful information, comfort,…

Nicola Elischer

children's grief memory of dad

When Does “Clean Eating” Go Too Far? with Dr. Edward

4 min read

Eating disorders and disordered eating thrive in secrecy, so detecting them in your children and teens can often be difficult. However, there are signs and clues to be on the lookout for as a parent. 

Juna Gjata


6 Ways to Nurture Children’s Mental Health

5 min read

In today's fast-paced and challenging world, it is essential for parents to prioritize their children's mental health. The well-being of children directly impacts their overall development, academic performance, and future success.

Angela Wanja

Mental Health

7 Tips for New Mothers to Get Through Motherhood

5 min read

One of the most important things you can do as a new mom is to prioritize your own self-care. It's easy to get caught up in the demands of caring for a new baby, but it's crucial to take care of yourself so that you can be your best self for your child. This means…

Angela Wanja

new mothers

Can Diet Really Affect Your Child’s Behaviour?

7 min read

Have you heard the saying ‘You’re only as happy as your saddest child’?  It’s not the most uplifting phrase but it may hold a lot of truth.  If your child is struggling with behavioural and mental health challenges, you are likely in the struggle too. For kids, these struggles can be encountered at all ages…

Christy Donnelly


The Great Start of Smile Organic

5 min read

Smile Organic Co. is the brainchild of naturopath Delphine Boillot, a former corporate lawyer and mother-of-three who founded the company 6 years ago when she couldn't find a healthy and nutritious milk alternative for her children. Along the way, Boillot was joined by two other health-conscious mothers: dentist and surgeon Sophie Godbout, who has a…

Anne Marie

black board

3 Tips to Ensure Sun Rays Are The Only Thing

5 min read

Many people do not realize that some common vacation activities can be potential health hazards, even if you are going on an all-inclusive vacation at a five-star resort. While most travel-related conditions such as Traveler’s Diarrhea, Hepatitis A or B are usually not serious, they could definitely put a damper on your vacation plans! The…

Alysha Mankotia


Could Your Child’s Reading Difficulty be Dyslexia?

5 min read

Children learn to read at their own pace but if your child is struggling to make significant progress compared to their peers, it may be possible they have a reading problem called dyslexia. According to Mayo Clinic, “Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how…

Sarah Lyons


8 Valentine’s Gifts That Won’t Give Your Child a Sugar

4 min read

As a child, I remember the gift box of little colored hearts my father would bring home as a surprise. We did not have much money, so this little box of sweet treats was a big deal for my sister and me. Or if we were lucky, the solid chocolate heart that showed through the…

Stephanie L. Jones


Sugar-Free, Gluten-Free, and other diet restrictions during the holidays

5 min read

The holidays are known as a time to indulge. But what if you or a family member need to follow a specific diet for health reasons? What do you do to still share in the holiday treats without breaking your recommended diet restrictions? Here are a few healthy alternatives to fill the sweet-tooth craving while…

Carlie Parkinson


5 Useful Tips for Reducing Eye Strain in Children This

4 min read

With 80 percent of children’s learning gained through their eyes, school-aged students are starting to notice the effects of digital eye strain from a younger age. To help your child see their best this year, here are some tips and techniques parents can do to help reduce digital eye strain for their children. 

Carlie Parkinson

eye test

Do you love yourself enough?

4 min read

Three-time award-winning author Shantelle Bisson was born and raised in Toronto and splits her time between Toronto and her marina that she purchased in 2018, Shantilly's Place, in the Kawartha region of Ontario. Having just launched her third book 'Loving Yourself Without Losing Your Cool' which is structured by Shantelle's own personal omissions --  she…

Carlie Parkinson


Preparing for hot summer weather

5 min read

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) has issued special weather statements for several parts of the province. The statement indicates our region will experience the first hot stretch of the summer with inland temperatures reaching into the upper 20s starting tomorrow, and into the low 30s into early next week.

Health Canada


It’s World Continence Week – Talking Taboos about Pelvic Floor

6 min read

Incontinence, or peeing yourself involuntarily is a fairly taboo topic. It’s not easy, as an adult, to admit you pee your pants or that you rely on pads to get through an outing. There’s a lot of embarrassment, fear, shame and trauma that relates to the pelvic floor, even when it’s functioning well. And when…

Kim Vopni


Important! Top 10 hiding places for ticks and where to

4 min read

Summertime is the perfect time to be outside, and bush-whacking is a great childhood activity.  Kids love getting out there and exploring the woods, building forts, picking up sticks...but there is one danger out there to be aware of. Ticks! They're small but carry many diseases. If you're in an area with wild deer, be…

Carlie Parkinson

executive functioning

Teach Your Kids the Importance of Dental Health With These

6 min read

At a young age, the little ones are not too conscious about their dental health. They resist toothbrushing, fear the dentist, and love sweets. These things can contribute to life-long problems, which could have been easily avoided if parents are more mindful. Here are some of the best activities that can teach kids the importance…

Marie Cole


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