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11 min read

Much like any other curriculum or discipline, the arts offer so much opportunity for inner growth in our children and youth.  Linda Shirley has created a legacy in Arts Education by providing every kind of imaginable opportunity a child or youth in these interconnected disciplines. Both the Renaissance Academy and The Arts Conservatory in Steveston…

Lorrie Holmes

Three people: two men and one women in photo. Women holding award.

Students in B.C. gear up to enhance their cycling skills.

3 min read

Safer cycling for Elementary school students throughout British Columbia after taking part in the fifth year of the Everyone Rides Grade 4-5 program. This program encourages kids throughout the province to try active transportation options in safe and organized environments. Move. Commute. Connect. is B.C.’s strategy for cleaner, more active transportation, part of the Province’s…

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure


Boom in Kids Hair Care Provides Economic Opportunity to Canadian

4 min read

The global kid's haircare market is anticipated to rise at a considerable rate during the forecast period, between 2023 and 2030. In particular, specialty services and natural products geared toward children and their families living with autism or dealing with head lice have proven a successful business investment. Franchises, Lice Squad.com and Superhero Kids Hair…

Lice Squad


6 min read

Today we are so excited to bring to you a very special interview with Rachel Wei who is our perfect choice to highlight on International Women's Day. At the tender age of 16, Rachel is already an accomplished virtuosic musician wielding the Piano, Violin, and Flute which is so impressive in itself. The real reason…

Lorrie Holmes


5 min read

Prosperous Family Celebrations: Lunar New Year at Metropolis at Metrotown The Year of the Dragon is upon us and to celebrate, Metropolis at Metrotown is transforming into a cultural hub for Lunar New Year festivities from February 9th till February 24th.  The Lunar New Year varies each year based on, you guessed it, the Lunar…

Lorrie Holmes

Metropolis at Metrotown Invites You to Celebrate Lunar New Year

Since the 1960s, VAMMR has given a second chance to

6 min read

Internationally renowned for it's groundbreaking stranded marine mammal response program, the Vancouver Aquarium Marine Mammal Rescue Society (VAMMR) responds to over 300 marine mammal emergencies annually and runs Canada's only dedicated marine mammal hospital facility. Over the 60 years in operation, VAMMR has successfully rescued and rehabilitated over 3000 marine mammals.  It's estimated that more…

Lorrie Holmes

Important Restful Resolution: 5 ways to help kids sleep more

4 min read

According to Canada’s 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth, pre-teens up to age 13 require nine to eleven hours of sleep per night, while teens between 14 and 17 need eight to ten hours every night. Good quality sleep is essential to healthy growth and development, a fact that won’t surprise any parent.

Patrick Landry


Breathe easy: doctors share tips to protect your family’s health

5 min read

Taking steps to protect your family’s health at home is a natural instinct. If there’s mold, you clean it. If you have a pest infestation, you remove them. But, there's a major pollutant commonly used in homes across Canada that increases risks to health that not enough people are aware of: gas. Across North America,…

Angela Wanja


Unlocking Critical Thinking to Empower Your Child’s Future

8 min read

Parents want the best for their children, and one of the things you can do to secure a bright future for your kids is to make critical thinkers out of them. A critical thinker is open-minded, curious, and can respect diverse perspectives.However, raising critical thinkers does not happen naturally, it will require some effort. You’ll…

Angela Wanja


Family Safety First: Crafting a Home Fire Escape Plan

5 min read

Earlier on in my professional life, and during my on-screen career, I've had the pleasure of working with some pretty awesome kids. What many Mr. D fans may not know is that before entering the entertainment industry, I spent over nine years as a phys-ed teacher. During that time, I saw the students run through…

Gerry Dee


Where to Draw the Line:  How to Start a Family

9 min read

Out of nowhere, a great bogeyman has pounced on our students, schools, teachers, and parents simultaneously creating chaos, confusion, and wonder.   What is this strange beast that has created such a conundrum of fear, curiosity, and euphoria?  Artificial Intelligence or AI, as we all know it.  Why out of nowhere?  Because on November 30,…

Carew Papritz


TELUS Wise expands with new Responsible AI online workshop for

6 min read

Partnering with the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research, this free program focuses on responsible AI use, AI ethics and critical thinking skills VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Oct. 23, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - TELUS announced the expansion of TELUS Wise, launching its TELUS Wise Responsible AI online workshop. Coinciding with the celebration of the 10-year anniversary of TELUS Wise,…

Saara Rahikka


Advice and Tips On How Parents Can Connect With Their

5 min read

We’re all busy.  As parents, you may have work, meetings, chores, and everything else that involves taking care of your family. Teens and kids of all ages have school, homework, extracurriculars, chores, friendship ups and downs, and more.  On top of all that, there’s still the unpredictability of daily life; whether it’s a pop quiz,…

Mercedes Korngut 


My Son’s Legacy, the 2023 Butterfly Run & Giving Back

4 min read

After the loss of her son Wilder in 2017, Kimberly Lockhart began searching for a sense of community. She discovered that Vancouver did not have a memorial walk for infertility and pregnancy loss. Lockhart knew there was a need to raise awareness and she desired to bring families together to connect and support one another.…

Kimberly Lockhart


Uniting Hearts and Minds: The Highly Sensitive and Neurodiverse Family

4 min read

In a world that often rushes forward at lightning speed, it is essential to remember this is not how we were designed to be. This is particularly evident as we learn more about the highly sensitive person, often concurrently diagnosed ADHD, anxiety, depression, or on the autism spectrum. For the highly sensitive or neurodiverse person,…

Angela Wanja


The secret to a healthier school year is clear as

5 min read

While reading, writing and arithmetic used to be the primary focus for parents and educators alike, recent wildfires and looming new COVID-19 variants have parents in B.C. more concerned than ever before about the one thing they can’t see: air. A recent study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that indoor air quality (IAQ)…

Aedan Fida


From Screens to Dreams: Balancing Screen Time and Healthy Sleep

6 min read

Sleep deprivation can lead to challenges at school, socially with friends and family, in extra-curricular activities, and it can lead to more illness. It directly impacts their mental health and wellbeing, as well as their growth and development.

Missy Morrison Charko


Studying the arts for your mind, body, and soul

4 min read

The arts have an incredible ability to feed so many aspects of ourselves. Listening to music, dancing to a song, viewing unique artwork, or sketching a doodle can improve our daily lives. Whether it’s as an outlet, something that inspires us, or a way to express who we are, the impact of the arts is…

Aurora van Roon


Strengthen Your Child’s Executive Functioning: 7 Strategies You Can Use

9 min read

For many people, the day after Labour Day marks more of a new year than January 1st. It is a time of considerable change for students and families.  With this shift from the summer routine comes increased demands for planning and prioritizing, remembering, organization and responsibility.  For some this is a smooth transition - yet…

Jo Stebbings

executive functioning

The Evolution of Present Parenting: Building Stronger Bonds in the

4 min read

Present parenting can be defined as actively engaging with and being emotionally available to one's children in the present moment. It involves creating a nurturing and responsive environment that fosters trust, communication, and connection.

Angela Wanja


Don’t let your cyber guard down

6 min read

It was reported in 2019, that one in four youth (25%) aged 12 to 17 years experienced cyberbullying in the previous year (Statistics Canada).

Tony Anscombe


The Statistics don’t lie, Fathers Matter. But what if your

5 min read

While some families spend copious amounts of time and money to have the perfect Father’s Day gift, others are struggling to meet dual parent demands and reassure their kids, while some may be in denial about the level of impact of a father’s absence on the child. The truth of the matter is, fathers matter. 

Azaliya Schulz


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