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spring clean
Amazing Spring Cleaning - Ready, Set, Refresh

Reading Time: 5 minutes As any parent can tell you, kids are the first to embrace bright colours and creative spaces. Their joie de vivre can help lead the way in imaginative bedroom design. All it takes are a few new upgrades, accents, or accessories for the ultimate kid’s room refresh.

Crazy talk. Or, is it? SmartPhones, Cigarettes, and Our Children

Reading Time: 8 minutes Smartphones are causing negative health effects. We even have a medical diagnosis for smartphone addiction (it’s Nomophobia, by the way). Look for yourself-you don’t have to dig very deep to find it. We have developed difficulties with sleeping, anxiety, compulsive web surfing, loneliness, depression, even vision and balance disturbances.

Covid - waiting for dad
An Inspiring Parent's Story: Covid and family

Reading Time: 5 minutes When we first began hearing about Covid in early 2020, it barely registered. Like many parents, having my kids at home, working full time and trying to keep sane has been a lot to handle. But I’m proud of how we’ve managed and, when I reflect on these past months, I realize we’ve found the good in the situation and I’ve found some of the strategies from my professional life have translated to managing my family life.

Please Don’t Worry So Much About Me

Reading Time: 4 minutes Excerpt from: "What Young Children Need You to Know: How to see them so you know what to do for them" (May 4, 2020) - Please Don’t Worry So Much About Me

girls looking at a digital screen
Learn the fundamentals of Digital Parenting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Join a free, introductory Digital Parenting webinar Thursday, June 25, at 1:30pm ET! It will focus on parents of children between 5 and 11 years old and will discuss questions such as how closely should we watch our kids when they are online, how can we help them stay safe when using the internet, and what is too much screen time.

Family Wellness
6 Useful Tips On How To Promote Family Wellness During School Closures

Reading Time: 7 minutes Let’s begin with an acknowledgment – these are strange times. Schools have been closed since...

Socratic Method - Mother talking to daughter
5 tips on how to be more Socratic with your children

Reading Time: 4 minutes The Socratic method is a form of cooperative argumentative dialogue between individuals, based on asking...

family playing board games during isolation survival
12 sanity survival tips for family time at home

Reading Time: 8 minutes When talking online with a 5th-grade boy recently, he said: “My friends and I thought that...

Advice: Coronavirus Anxiety in Kids

Reading Time: 6 minutes Last week, I wrote a six-step script for  How to Handle the Big “What If’s?”,...

Anxiousness and depression, bullying
Pink Shirt Day: Legal Rights When It Comes to Bullying?

Reading Time: 5 minutes Bullying used to be upsetting but contained.  A victim would most often be verbally or...

art with artkive
Art Overload

Reading Time: 2 minutes I love that my children are so creative and enjoy drawing and painting and crafting....

no jerk - mother pushing children in laundry basket
5 Ways to Respond When Your Kid is Acting Like a Jerk

Reading Time: 4 minutes Most parents have, on occasion, wondered why their kids act like jerks. Whether they slap...

girls looking at a digital screen
Access to Technology

Reading Time: 5 minutes One of the biggest challenges for parents is deciding when (not if just when) a...

Girl using Reading Eggs
Getting it right with Reading Eggs

Reading Time: 3 minutes This post was brought to you by Reading Eggs, but the opinions are my own....

stay-at-home Mom & Daughter cooking
Stay-at-home parents - how much should you earn?

Reading Time: 2 minutes Here’s a question: if you were to be paid for every job you do as...

sleeping baby with mother
Summer Fun and Helping Your Kids Get Their Best Sleep!

Reading Time: 3 minutes For many of us here in British Columbia, summer means getting out and enjoying all...

Adult friends
Friendship Breakup

Reading Time: 6 minutes Friendship Breakup… this one hurts. It’s hard to talk about, it’s one of those raw...

Mom and daughter in leaves with tea grow up
How Our Children Grow us Up

Reading Time: 5 minutes Often, as parents, we are interested in learning about how to raise our children to...

Teaching pre-teens, and teens, correct respect in the world of dating and sexuality

Reading Time: 9 minutes The #metoo movement has opened up massive doors, for incredible conversations with our sons and daughters...

Physical Literacy
Physical Literacy - An Exercise in Learning

Reading Time: 9 minutes Over the past few years, the concept of physical literacy has grown in popularity around...

mom and child at computer
Parents’ Rights: Not Just a Pipedream

Reading Time: 6 minutes Parents, do not despair. You have rights and no longer need to choose between your...

Child getting braces
Bracing yourself for bracing your kids

Reading Time: 9 minutes As an orthodontist, I often come across two types of parents: one who assumes their...

Kid's cluttered room
Reclaim Your House After Kids Go Back To School

Reading Time: 10 minutes It’s the most wonderful time of the year — time to send the kids back...

School sign to warn drivers
Aggressive driving in school zones is putting kids in danger!

Reading Time: 5 minutes New school zone survey shows more parents driving aggressively in school zones – honking, swearing...

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