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5 Cute “Mommy and Me” Outfit Ideas for You and Your Kids

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Even though mommy-and-me fashion dates back to the 1900s, it’s a trend that has yet to go out of style. 

It’s always a delight to see mothers and their kids wearing matching clothes, and it’s a fun and creative way for moms to dress up their mini-mes. 

“Mommy and me” fashion isn’t necessarily about drawing a crowd, though. It’s best done as a means for mothers to bond with their children. It would be awesome to take photos of matching outfits and look back at how deep and strong a connection parents and children share, from their looks to their unique personalities. And from a child’s perspective, wearing clothes that are identical to Mommy’s may bring about a special sense of delight. They may love being a carbon copy of their Mama, someone they look up to the most at this stage in their lives. 

With so many style ideas to choose from, what should you go for if you want to take the cutest Mommy-and-me photos for your family photo albums? To answer that question, here are some tried-and-tested outfit ideas that are sure to wow anyone who sees them: 

1) One Matching Item

If you want to introduce the Mommy-and-me trend to your kids slowly, one way to do it is to choose one type of fashion item you can all wear. Whether it’s a baseball cap that features your kids’ favourite animated show or sneakers that come in the same colour and style, putting on the same accessory or garment is a quick and simple way for you and your kids to rock this fashion craze.

2) Matching Pajamas

Another simple way to coordinate outfits with your kids is to wear matching pajamas. This mommy-and-me look is fairly easy to pull off, since a lot of high-quality sleepwear for women items have whimsical motifs that are similar to the fun designs found in children’s pajamas. 

You don’t have to aspire for an exact match to create a cool effect. For example, if your children’s pajamas are space-themed, you can wear a starry sleepwear set. Although the designs won’t be 100 percent the same, the idea will still be retained.

3) Identical Patterns and Prints 

For a bolder mommy-and-me look, you and your kids can wear garments that have identical patterns and prints. Clothes that feature designs such as polka dots, gingham, floral, and ditsy don’t only make your outfits look cohesive, but eye-catchingly fun as well. 

To truly rock this look, it’s important to choose patterns and prints you and your kids all love. This way, you’ll all feel confident in what you’re wearing, making a greater impact as you show off your looks throughout the day.

4) All-Denim Style

There are two reasons denim makes for a great fashion item for this trend: it’s accessible, and it’s a classic fabric that transcends all fads. Going all denim also gives you and your children the freedom to choose whatever denim garment you want to wear to achieve the perfect “matchy-matchy” look. 

For example, you can wear a denim jumper dress over your polo shirt while your kids can wear denim jeans, denim skirts, and denim jackets. Even though you aren’t wearing the same kinds of clothing, the denim element can be seen across all your outfits and will surely make any bystander smile at your family.

5) Coordinated Fashion Styles

Lastly, try really digging into the mommy-and-me style craze by fully coordinating each other’s outfits. You can choose a theme you and your kids are interested in and create looks based on that. For example, if you and your kids all love the colour yellow, you can select garments that come in different shades of yellow to build outfits that will display a beautiful gradient of your favourite shade. 

If your children want to try vintage clothes, you can put on garments and accessories that hearken to the decade you want to illustrate. For a tribute to the 1950s, opt for dresses with big circle skirts, cardigan sweaters, dark blue jeans, and plaid shirts so that you and your kids can show off the timeless styles of this bygone era.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Outfit

You’ll want your kids to have as much fun as possible when trying out this trend.  As such, it’s important to consider the following things when choosing outfits:

  • Select garments that flatter your individual body types. Not every style will complement your or your kids’ shape, so make sure that everyone gets to wear garments that fit them well.
  • Make sure that the clothes your kids are wearing are age-appropriate. This ensures that they’ll feel comfortable in their own skin whenever their clothes match with yours.
  • Always go for comfort over style. If the garments you’re wearing are uncomfortable, no one is going to have a good time participating in this trend.

It’s definitely worth it to try the Mommy-and-me trend for the fun you’ll have and the wonderful family memories you’ll make. Use the tips above to “twin” with your kids and be the talk of the town!

Germaine Ignacio is a freelance writer. As a Psychology major, she is interested in how investing in personal growth and happiness can improve professional productivity. She is also an avid baker who lives with two cats.

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