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Embracing the Journey: Reflections on My First Year of Motherhood

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Motherhood…where do I even start? It’s been a little bit over a year but I feel like I’ve done this for over 5 years. Haha! This amazing journey is not as easy as most portray it on social media, it’s a lot of work, probably more demanding than your 8-5 job. All I can say it has been a blissful experience being a first-time mum, aside from the sleepless nights once in a while. I honestly wouldn’t want it any other way.

The journey into motherhood is one of the most transformative experiences a woman can embark upon. From the moment I held my precious bundle of joy in my arms, my life took on new meaning and purpose. As I reflect upon my first year as a mother, I am filled with a mix of emotions — joy, exhaustion, love, and growth. This piece aims to share the lessons, challenges, and cherished moments I encountered during this remarkable journey.

  1. The Rollercoaster of Emotions:

Motherhood is a whirlwind of emotions. From the overwhelming love that consumes your heart to the bouts of exhaustion that test your resilience, every day brings a new emotional landscape. The sleepless nights, endless diaper changes, and constant demands can be draining, but they are overshadowed by the unparalleled joy and fulfillment that come with nurturing a tiny human being.

2. Self-Discovery and Personal Growth:

Becoming a mother has been a catalyst for my personal growth. From learning to prioritize and manage my time efficiently to developing patience and resilience, motherhood has pushed me beyond my limits. Through the challenges, I discovered strengths I never knew I possessed and gained a deeper understanding of my capabilities.

3. The Art of Balance:

Finding balance in motherhood is an ongoing challenge. As I navigated the demands of caring for my child, I learned the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. I discovered that taking time for myself, pursuing my passions, and maintaining a support system are crucial in maintaining my own well-being, which directly impacts my ability to be a nurturing and present mother.

4. Cherishing the Small Moments:

In the chaos of daily life, it’s essential to pause and cherish the small moments. From witnessing my child’s first smile to hearing their first words, these milestones become cherished memories that fuel my heart. The laughter, cuddles, and even the messy moments remind me of the beauty in the everyday routines of motherhood.

5. The Power of Community:

Motherhood can be isolating, but connecting with other moms has been a lifeline. Whether it’s through online forums, support groups, or local parenting communities, the power of shared experiences cannot be underestimated. Having a network of understanding individuals who provide guidance, empathy, and a listening ear has been invaluable in navigating the challenges and celebrating the victories.


As I celebrate my child’s first birthday, I am in awe of how much motherhood has transformed me. It has been a year of growth, love, and learning. While the journey into motherhood may be challenging, it is also deeply rewarding. Every day brings new joys and discoveries, reminding me of the immense privilege it is to nurture and witness a life unfolding. As I embark on the coming years of motherhood, I do so with a heart full of gratitude, knowing that this journey will continue to shape and inspire me in ways I cannot yet imagine.

Angela Wanja Gachago is a Marketing and Communications Specialist from Nairobi, Kenya. She is passionate about building brands and relationships using her skills and knowledge in the field of Communications, PR and Marketing. As a new mum, she brings new unique perspectives to parenthood and motherhood through her articles. Angela enjoys swimming and travelling during her free time.

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