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Getting it right with Reading Eggs

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Girl using Reading Eggs

This post was brought to you by Reading Eggs, but the opinions are my own.

Reading is an important skill. It’s something we always encouraged our children to do by reading them bedtime stories or doing reading activities on a rainy day. In the past, I never actively taught my children to read. I have left most of that to the schools, partly because they’re good schools, partly because I wasn’t sure how to succeed at it.

Learning to read is one of the most important skills a child can learn. Reading Eggs makes the learning to read journey fun, interactive, and highly rewarding for ages 2–13 – and it’s based on solid scientific research. My children are 4 (almost 5) and 8. I like to think they’re smart kids. My eldest has become a bookworm and loves to read, which I love to see. My youngest has some definite interest but isn’t a huge fan of taking instruction from Mom.


We started using Reading Eggs a couple of weeks ago, and it’s been so much fun, aside from interactive games, there has been some significant progress in their learning. Reading Eggs was created by a highly experienced team of elementary school teachers, writers, and developers to help children become fluent and proficient readers. The multi-award-winning early learning resource supports children’s learning to read journey with carefully designed online reading games and activities that are easy to follow, self-paced, and highly engaging for young learners.

We have almost completed our 4-week free trial. My eldest, age 8, was a bit skeptical at first. He has had experience using a reading app through school, but now really enjoys both the Reading Eggspess program and Math Seeds. Math Seeds was particularly engaging with fun games that are teaching multiplication and division. The Math Seeds assessment tool placed him at a level high enough to make the work challenging while still being enough fun to want to do more. Now he’s asking to do more Math Seeds, rather than Minecraft.

My youngest, age 4, was easier to convince to get started. She was excited from day one and is now in lesson 19! The program has her extremely interested, excited, and willing to learn how to read. First thing this morning, she asked if she could use Reading Eggs. Of course, I agreed. I love watching her learn. She loves the in-app games, songs, and characters. Aside from that, the development of her phoneme recognition has been remarkable. She was comfortable with a couple of letters before but is quickly learning them all. She enjoys writing them too.

Reading Eggs is a great program, and the science and thought behind the development show. I can see why children love the games, songs, golden eggs, and other rewards, which, along with feeling proud of their reading, really motivate children to keep exploring and learning. Reading Eggs is an excellent addition to your home learning or could be a valuable tool for homeschooled children.

Are you interested in giving Reading Eggs a try too? BC Parent readers can get a 4-week FREE free trial here.

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