Talented, Budding Young Author Discovered in Vancouver

Talented, Budding Young Author Discovered in Vancouver

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100% volunteer-run charity, Ripple Foundation, announced Cora Arvidson, a seventh-grade student from Vancouver’s Sir William Osler Elementary School, as one of two winners of its 10th annual Kids Write 4 Kids creative challenge, a one-of-a-kind nationwide competition for students in grades four to eight. 

Cora’s winning poetry collection, Threads, is available in paperback and ebook editions now. 100% of the proceeds from book sales will benefit the winners’ charity of choice, Children’s Aid Foundation of Canada, a charity committed to supporting children and youth growing up in the child welfare system. 

Talented, Budding Young Author Discovered in Vancouver - BC Parent Newsmagazine

A panel of editors, authors, and previous winners – including award-winning children’s book author Ekiuwa Aire and Oscar-nominated film director, Graham Annable – judged 581 submissions from children in grades four to eight across 10 provinces and territories on creativity, originality, story structure, and writing quality. 

“I’m blown away by the quality of the writing of these kids,” said award-winning children’s book author Ekiuwa Aire. “It’s inspiring to see such a wide range of styles and approaches, but also to see how each writer has found their own unique voice.” 

Sheridan College graduate, Delaney Cox, is illustrating the book covers that will be published in paperback and ebook editions and available to purchase on Amazon, Google Play, Apple iBookstore and Overdrive. 

“Every year, we are humbled and so grateful to have the opportunity to read the stellar literary works submitted to Kids Write 4 Kids by children across the county. It is a true privilege to be privy to these creative young minds,” said Ivy Wong, Founder of Ripple Foundation. “We wish Cora and Megan a huge congratulations and are excited to see their winning entries become published books this summer, now that book cover illustrations are underway!”.   

Alongside Cora, Megan Lam, a grade seven student from Colonel Irvine School, Calgary, AB, also won KW4K with her winning story, When You Wish Upon A Star

“I was honoured to participate in the judging of this year’s finalists and was so impressed with the creativity and strength of the writing that was put forth by all involved. It was a true pleasure to read the entries,” said cartoonist and an Oscar-nominated film director, Graham Annable

Ripple Foundation is a national educational charity that advocates creative literacy among children and youth, and KW4K has been its signature program since 2012. It is the only contest of its kind in Canada that sees winners become published authors before reaching high school. 

About Author Cora Arvidson 

Cora Arvidson is a seventh-grade student and an aspiring writer living in Vancouver, B.C. When Cora’s not writing or frantically studying, she’s probably biking, drawing, playing basketball, tending to her many houseplants or scouring the depths of Spotify for obscure old music. Her poetry is influenced most by her aunts and the books they lend to her. Recently, she’s been exploring different styles of poetry, including Allen Ginsberg’s Howl and spoken or song lyrics.

Judging panel: 

  1. Sumal Ashfaq – 2020 – 2021 KW4K winner
  2. Olivia Hashem – 2020 – 2021 KW4K winner
  3. Ekiuwa Aire – Award-winning Children’s Book Author 
  4. Graham Annable – Canadian Cartoonist, Graphic Novelist and Oscar-nominated film director 
  5. Andrea Lynn Beck – Award-winning Author-Illustrator
  6. Jeffrey Canton – Children’s Book Columnist, The Globe and Mail
  7. Inderjit Deogun – Books for Young People Editor, Quill & Quire
  8. Emily Keeler – Freelance Writer and Editor
  9. Dwayne Morgan – Poet, Speaker, Social Entrepreneur
  10. Becky Toyne – Freelance Books Columnist, Writer and Editor
  11. Jed Churcher – Avid writer and award-winning winning advertising writer and Creative Director
  12. Stephanie Lang – Avid reader and writer 

About Ripple Foundation

Ripple Foundation is a charitable, 100% volunteer-run organization based in Toronto that aims to empower the next generation of leaders by advocating creative literacy and fostering a passion for reading and writing in children and youth across Canada. By advocating for creativity in children and their education through our specially developed literacy programs, we are teaching Canadian youth the benefits of creativity in their current and future lives, helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow. Visit ripplefoundation.ca to learn more about our programs.

About Kids Write 4 Kids (KW4K)
The Kids Write 4 Kids program is an annual national creative writing challenge that encourages children and youth in grades 4-8 to submit original stories for a chance to become published authors. Each year, a panel of judges selects a story (or stories) submitted to the competition to be published both in print and digital format, available for the world to read. The KW4K program has been running since 2012 and is Ripple Foundation’s signature program. View all titles at ripplefoundation.ca/books




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