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Stay-at-home parents – how much should you earn?

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Here’s a question: if you were to be paid for every job you do as a stay-at-home parent, just how much would you be earning? Though we believe the price of a parents’ job is priceless, to find out, Funky Pigeon has created a calculator to tell you exactly what you could be earning.

They’ve analyzed eight ‘jobs’ that are embraced when one enters the world of parenting; cooking, cleaning, taxi-ing, caring, nursing, organizing, educating and emotional supporting.

With these eight roles taken on by a mother or father, the potential earnings a stay-at-home parent could make should they be paid for each has been explored.

stay-at-home calculator

In Vancouver, a stay-at-home parent could make a yearly salary of $340,320.00 whereas in Saskatoon this salary is $307,987.20.

Montreal $368,793.60
Moncton $288,768.00
Toronto $348,844.80
Niagara-on-the-lake $321,504.00
Winnipeg $314,880.00
Quebec City $317,203.20
Calgary $338,745.60

To get a better break down of the salary differences by Province, a nurse in Ottawa makes $23.69 an hour whereas Scarborough nurses and carers make $18.38.

Interestingly, a psychologist in Ontario earns $47.34 versus Prince Albert $38.07, or in Montreal where specialists take home $71.40 an hour!

The data widely explores every Province and every town within each Province, so to find out how much you could be making as a parent in your town or region, see the #ParentsSalary calculator: https://www.funkypigeon.com/blog/parent-salary-calculator-canada/

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