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BC Parent Profile: James Smith – a fun Dad around town

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We’re excited to be interviewing a BC dad this week. James Smith is a busy Dad in North Vancouver, BC. On top of his day job as a Social Media Strategist, he’s a Dad Blogger at SocialDad.ca, photographer, and lover of the outdoors. Originally from England, he moved to Canada in 2013 and adores his time either in the forest or the mountains. If you’re looking for some great insight and a couple of tips like what to get Dad for Father’s Day check out his blog and follow him on Instagram!

What’s the most challenging part of being a parent?

I’d say it’s finding my patience. Sometimes it’s hard to keep calm and remember that there’s so much going on in a child’s brain and body. They’re learning new emotions, behaviours, and consequences all the time so I have to give her room to develop without too many restrictions. Of course, that makes it hard to achieve what I need to do, but the limits on my day (timelines, work stress, adult life) are too abstract for her, so I need to be patient and understand her point of view too.

What do you love the most?

Seeing the world from my daughter’s point of view. It’s exciting again to look at bugs, to pick up leaves, and to try and figure out how the world works. She was asking me at breakfast if bugs have bones. It sounds like we’re going to have a weekend full of looking things up.

What are you most proud of?

When my daughter shows true compassion or kindness.

What has been the most difficult part of being a working parent during the Covid pandemic?

To have to keep saying no to play dates and being at the park, especially when she sees other kids doing it.

What is your favourite self-care activity?

Spending time outside, either in the forest, the mountains or by the sea. It’s really the only way I can reset.

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