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TREE: A WORLD IN ITSELF for Neurodiverse Young Children 

Performed by Theatre Motus(Quebec)

May 28 – June 2 (dark Thursday), at 10am and 12pm

Carousel Theatre, 1411 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

Vancouver theatre company Boca del Lupo will co-presented TREE with the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.  There will be two separate shows: TREE for infants ages 0 – 2; and TREE: A World In Itself, for neurodiverse children, ages 4 and up.  Both by Theatre Motus, a Puppetry theatre company from Quebec, who will perform a stunning, engaging, live theatre piece for your child, created just for them!


Experience the magical world of TREE in this gentle and intimate show for the youngest of audiences. Settle into mama bird’s cozy nest while she warms her luminous clutch of eggs.  Plants, insects, and animals visit, accompanied by soothing melodies and rhythmic music.  As evening falls, you’ll rest under the rising moon, stars, and the shimmering Milky Way, gathering strength to spread your wings like a fledgling bird of light.  Tree – trailer_in_english on Vimeo

TREE: A World In Itself allows you to enter a multi-sensory, fully interactive universe, enveloped in soft light, music and also silence, where five characters constantly adapt to the various sensory sensitivities of their audience. It was created for Autistic children and further adapted to accommodate children with intellectual disabilities and/or reduced mobility. Tree a world in itself – website video on Vimeo

TREE and TREE: A World in Itself is the second microperformance in Boca del Lupo’s Micro Performance Series in May and July, providing a big impact through small scale creations and experiences. 

TREE: presented for babies ages 0-2, 10am+12pm on May 28-31 (No shows Thursday), and 10am on June 1 and 2

TREE, A World In Itself: presented for neurodiverse kids ages 4 and up, 12pm on June 1 and 2


Plays2Perform: Young People’s Edition

In addition to TREE at the Children’s Festival, Boca del Lupo launches a second project for youth, Plays2Perform: Young People’s Edition.An anthology of 16 new plays by playwrights from across the country.  Available for schools across Canada, to inspire play and creativity in young people by engaging them with new plays specifically for them.

The scripts in Plays2Perform are a launching point for young people to find play, exploration, and passion in live, collaborative storytelling.  With topics ranging from serious to lighthearted, the collection provides a wealth of scripts for teachers to use to inspire performance and creativity in students.

Plays2Perform is an offshoot from Boca del Lupo’s project Plays2Perform@Home, a mail-order theatre project delivering scripts to be read together to people’s homes. Like a theatrical board game, the project’s basis in playful creativity without external direction has grown to be the basis for this next version, aimed at young people.

Plays2Perform is a project by Boca del Lupo. Dramaturgical and production support for Plays2Perform were provided by Vancouver International Children’s Festival, Geordie Theatre, Roseneath Theatre, and Manitoba Theatre for Young People.

TREE – Boca del Lupo     Plays2Perform@Home – Boca del Lupo

Tree, a world in itself – Vancouver International Children’s Festival Society (childrensfestival.ca)

Facebook  Instagram    Twitter  @bocadellupo

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Enter to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Science World Earth Matters! Contest closes July 30th.

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