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Art Overload

Parenting, Product Reviews
2 min read
art with artkive

I love that my children are so creative and enjoy drawing and painting and crafting. What I don’t love so much is the clutter that comes from those amazing pieces after the children have lost interest!

We aren’t one of those households that has a wall dedicated to our children’s art. We have a few on the fridge and we bring out more during the holidays, but on average we prefer a more “KonMari” style home. I was just going through my old emails and this one became even more relevant since I just shoved some new art in our, very overloaded art cupboard!

artwork overflowing

I’m excited to try out Artkive!  Here is what Artkive is… “the market leader in digitizing, saving, and celebrating children’s artwork. The company is powered by parents who understand just how special a child’s work of art is. Artkive provides a shipping kit to customers to send in their stacks of artwork, then professionally photographs each piece to create a stunning keepsake book or custom framed mosaic print. Providing an easy way for parents to celebrate their children’s creativity without clutter. This is a special way to enhance children’s creative confidence and preserve beautiful memories to treasure forever.”

I’m not sure the box will be big enough but I’m definitely ready to find out. I’ll keep you posted!

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