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Time to Get Fishing!

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Insights from the experts at Fishbrain (www.fishbrain.com), the world’s largest recreational fishing app:

As the spring fishing season begins, now is the time to get outside with your families and get on the water.  Many kids spend their days cooped up at home behind a screen and a family fishing trip is a great way to get everyone together in the fresh air. Fishing is a wonderful way for families to bond and create lifelong memories. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also has a wide range of benefits for kids.

Fishing benefits for kids

Boosting wellbeing and mental health 

Fishing is a fantastic way to get out into nature and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. It’s a low-impact activity that is suitable for all ages and abilities, making it a great choice for families looking for a fun and accessible way to stay active and outside. Fishing allows children to disconnect from technology and immerse themselves in nature, which can be extremely beneficial for their mental health. Fishing gives children a chance to experience the great outdoors, giving them an important first insight into the benefits of experiencing nature and gaining an appreciation for the world around them. 


Learning Patience 

Patience is a necessary skill for success in many areas of life and is an important skill to teach your kids. Fishing requires a lot of patience, especially because it can take a long time to catch a fish. Kids who fish learn to wait quietly and observe their surroundings, helping them focus and concentrate. They also learn to deal with disappointment and frustration, as fishing can be a difficult sport. 

In addition to learning patience, research from the British Journal of Sports Medicine found that fishing improves your ability to concentrate. These skills will benefit your kids in all aspects of life, allowing them to succeed in school and beyond the classroom. Fishing teaches children the value of patience and perseverance, a key life skill that will always serve them well.

Respecting the Environment  

As well as being a great way to spend a day, fishing provides a great opportunity to teach kids about the environment and instil in them a love of nature. Fishing teaches kids about the balance of ecosystems and the value of preserving natural habitats. They also learn about the environmental impact of human activity and the importance of responsible fishing practices. 

Fishing can be a fun and educational way to teach kids about the environment and the interconnectivity of the natural world. Keeping a logbook can be a good way to keep track of the fish and wildlife kids see on their trips outdoors, and make them more aware of conservation issues. This can be in a physical logbook or a personal fishing logbook within the Fishbrain app, which allows users to keep a detailed record of their catches, fishing trips, tackle box, and statistics.

Fishing as an activity for the whole family

Fishing is a fantastic activity for the whole family and accessible to those of all ages and abilities. When planning a fishing trip, it’s best to select a location appropriate for children and to make sure that everyone has access to the right gear from rods, to footwear to sunscreen and snacks. 

To get the most out of the trip, it is also a good idea to involve the kids in the planning process, ask them to assist you in selecting a location and planning the logistics of the trip. This can also be a good opportunity to develop some organisational skills, by using tools like Fishbrain to find the best fishing spots and keep an eye on the weather forecast.


It is important to not put too much pressure on how much you catch throughout the day and instead enjoy the quality time you have as a family out by the water and focus instead on the experience, as a whole. While you are there, encourage the kids to explore their surroundings, point out interesting plants and wildlife and don’t forget to bring plenty of snacks.

Overall fishing is a wonderful activity for the whole family with a wide range of benefits for your kids from boosting wellbeing and mental health and learning patience to learning to respect the world around them. 

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