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Safeguarding Summer: Essential Water Safety Tips for Parents

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Swimming isn’t just about fun splashes and summer days; it’s a vital life skill every child should learn. Beyond the joy of splashing around on a hot day, swimming offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond the pool.

The Benefits of Learning to Swim

Learning to swim, especially through a well-established curriculum, provides crucial water safety skills that can prevent drowning and other water-related accidents. Swimming is also a great form of exercise that engages multiple muscle groups, promoting physical fitness and overall well-being. It improves coordination and flexibility and boosts confidence and self-esteem.

Beyond the physical benefits, swimming is also excellent for mental health. It’s a low-impact activity that can alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression, providing a therapeutic outlet for children and adults alike. Additionally, swimming promotes cognitive development by stimulating the brain through coordinated movements and sensory experiences in the water. Research shows that children who participate in regular swimming activities often exhibit improved cognitive function, attention span, and problem-solving skills.

By mastering the art of swimming, children not only gain a valuable skill but also lay the foundation for a lifetime of fitness and enjoyment in the water.

Safeguarding Summer: Essential Water Safety Tips for Parents - BC Parent Newsmagazine

The Realities of Drowning

Despite the many benefits of swimming, it’s essential to acknowledge the realities of drowning, which remains a leading cause of unintentional injury-related death globally. Drowning can happen to anyone, regardless of their swimming proficiency. It occurs silently and swiftly, often catching even the keenest eye off guard. It takes just a moment underwater or barely a puddle deep to turn fun into tragedy. That’s why understanding water safety and prevention tactics is crucial.

Where British Swim School Comes In

Identifying a crucial gap in traditional swimming instruction, British Swim School created a program that teaches not only swimming but also the life skills necessary to survive a water accident. Our comprehensive three-part curriculum is designed to equip children and adults of all ages with essential water skills. From water acclimation and safety to survival skills and swim stroke development, British Swim School caters to individuals as young as three months old. Our dedication to water safety is evident in our approach to teaching, ensuring that every swimmer learns how to enjoy the water and stay safe in any aquatic environment.

Practical Tips for Water Safety

To ensure that your little ones are safe while enjoying their time in the water, here are some essential tips we teach during our classes:

  1. Understanding Water Safety Principles: Both kids and parents should know how to safely exit and enter the pool, roll over on their backs to breathe and rest, and call for help. Knowing how to respond in emergencies empowers children and parents to make informed decisions and stay vigilant around water.
  2. Active Supervision: Keep a close eye on your children, even if they’re just splashing in a kiddie pool. Pair formal swimming lessons with other safety measures like buddy systems and properly fitted life jackets.
  3. Backyard Pool Safety: Constant supervision is key. Never leave children unattended near water. Physical barriers, like sturdy pool fences with self-closing latches, are essential for keeping curious little ones away from the water’s edge. Remove any toys or floats from the pool when not in use to prevent kids from wandering back in unsupervised.
  4. Open Water Safety: Be aware of unique risks associated with open water, such as beaches or lakes. Always check the weather forecast before diving in and keep an eye out for murky waters and unexpected currents.

In a nutshell, swim safety is all about layers—layers of supervision, education, and precautionary measures. By staying informed and following these tips, you’ll be the ultimate water safety superhero for your little swimmers.

If you are interested in enrolling your kids in swimming lessons or learning more about water safety, British Swim School recently launched an innovative initiative in collaboration with the beloved children’s series PEPPA PIG. Through this partnership, we aim to raise awareness about water safety among children and families through an engaging and educational platform.

British Swim School is the nation’s most established swim school franchise, with more than 40 years in business, and over 375 schools across North America.

Melissa McGarvey is the Vice President of Aquatics. She is also a Board Member of the United States Swim School Association, an Executive member of the Aquatics Coalition, and an Advisory Council member for water safety at the National Drowning Prevention Alliance.

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