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Safeguarding Summer: Essential Water Safety Tips for Parents

5 min read

Swimming isn’t just about fun splashes and summer days; it’s a vital life skill every child should learn. Beyond the joy of splashing around on a hot day, swimming offers numerous benefits that extend far beyond the pool. The Benefits of Learning to Swim Learning to swim, especially through a well-established curriculum, provides crucial water…

Melissa McGarvey

The 4 S’s Of Helmet Safety

5 min read

How To Fit A Child’s Helmet For Safe Riding I was a cautious child growing up. Like many of our campers, I was hesitant to try new things at first. I went on to become a Pedalheads bike instructor and it was there that I learned two big lessons when I taught children how to ride on their own…

Nick Pavlakis

Protecting Our Loved Ones: A Guide to Safe Internet Use

8 min read

The Internet is a double-edged sword—offering boundless knowledge and connectivity on one hand while leaving young users vulnerable to online threats on the other. Parents, in particular, find themselves in a continuous battle to safeguard their children’s online experience. Here's you'll learn about the best solutions to challenges faced by many parents in the digital…

Mangesh Bhamre

Family Safety First: Crafting a Home Fire Escape Plan

5 min read

Earlier on in my professional life, and during my on-screen career, I've had the pleasure of working with some pretty awesome kids. What many Mr. D fans may not know is that before entering the entertainment industry, I spent over nine years as a phys-ed teacher. During that time, I saw the students run through…

Gerry Dee


Cold on the Road – Important info to keep your

4 min read

As parents, getting out the door in the morning with toddlers in tow can be a challenge on a good day - and much harder in the Winter. That’s because, despite cold temperatures, children shouldn’t be wearing puffy jackets in their car seats.

Amanda Occhicone


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Enter to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Science World Earth Matters! Contest closes July 30th.

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