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Education 2016

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Boy playing in leaves. Education Issue. Cover of BC Parent Magazine October Issue 2016

As fall rolls in and the weather changes from bright, sunny days to gloomy, shorter days, our focus also changes from outdoor activities to the education of our children. The first official feedback is coming from schools soon, and you may now be aware of some potential problems/struggles your child is facing. In this issue, we’ve pulled together some experts to give advice on helping them reach their full potential. This issue has tips on training your child’s brain, introducing them to STEM education and helping you find the right school for them. We’ve also given you a great babysitting idea to try, to give you more (always needed) adult time.

Find the complete issue here including the following topics:

4 Training Your Child’s Brain
6 The Opportunities in STEM Education
9 Independent School Guide
18 Is your child a good reader?
21 How to choose a specialized school for learning disabilities
23 The Power of Creative Play
24 12 Quick Privacy Tips for Parents
26 Time to Enlist the Babysitting Circle
28 More Magic and Fewer Meltdowns
30 Fall Footwear

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