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young girl smiling and studying for school
5 Useful Tips to Help Your Child Transition Back into the School Year

It’s August and the Back-to- School commercials have begun! The discussion about September is underway and...

Fabulous Toy Drive Donations

Today was a great day! I got to donate 3 boxes of toys to Vancouver Firefighter Charities' annual Toy Drive. It has been said that giving can actually make you happier than receiving and I would agree. It is such a joy donating and knowing that you will be making someone else happy. Your gift or donation will make someone else's day better. If you don't have something tangible to give, giving your time and volunteering can be just as im

The Importance of Risky Play

Risky play can be defined as a thrilling and exciting activity that involves a risk of physical injury, and play that provides opportunities for challenge, testing limits, exploring boundaries and learning about injury risk (Sandseter (2007; Little & Wyver, 2008).” But, and I want to be really clear here, it is not about encouraging or promoting injury nor is it about neglect or negligence. In fact, the whole idea is to develop strong, resilient adults that are capable of making safe and confident choices in life.

Arts Umbrella's amazing new space unveiled

A model for arts education across North America, the new facility significantly expands Arts Umbrella’s capacity to provide transformative experiences for young people in Metro Vancouver, across Canada, and around the world. Arts Umbrella serves 24,000 young people annually, and, within the next three to five years, the new building is expected to support 15,000 children and youth
every year through tuition-based programs and performances, as well as community programs, distance learning, bursaries, and scholarships.

Spring Break is coming fast!

We are now just over 5 weeks from Spring Break 2021. The usual routines have...

Physical Literacy
Physical Literacy - An Exercise in Learning

Over the past few years, the concept of physical literacy has grown in popularity around...

boy-doing-homework after psychological educational assessment
Demystifying Psychological Educational Assessments

All parents want their children to thrive. From the minute they’re born, we guide them...

Child getting braces
Bracing yourself for bracing your kids

As an orthodontist, I often come across two types of parents: one who assumes their...

Winter/Education 2017

The school year is in full swing. Kids are busy learning, and we’re busy helping...

Our Kids Vancouver Expo
Interested in Private school?

Whether your child is nearing school age or if they are already enrolled, parents cross...

Kids at Jennifer Gasoi Writers Fest
Spend an unforgettable day with your family at the 2017 Vancouver Writers Fest!

With so many places to eat, shops to explore, art to admire and wildlife to...

Children making art in class
The Arts Umbrella makes a big SPLASH again!

Experience the – power of creativity at Splash – Arts Umbrella’s 35th annual art auction...

Kid's cluttered room
Reclaim Your House After Kids Go Back To School

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — time to send the kids back...

Aggressive driving in school zones is putting kids in danger!

BCAA’s second annual School Zone Safety survey shows that driving in school zones has gone from bad to worse. In fact, this year’s survey shows a marked increase in concern across the board. Particularly alarming is that hostile/aggressive attitudes amongst parents such as honking or using profanities has jumped almost 30 per cent (51% to 66%).

Summer 2017

In this issue, we’ve tried to pull together some resources to make your Summer experiences...

Family Resource Guide 2017

Looking for places to go, people to see, party places? Be sure to check out...

Connection Between Exercising and Education

Move More to Learn More: The Connection between exercising and education As parents, we’re all well...

sleep deprivation
Are you Suffering from sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation can also be a serious health issue for parents. To get some help we asked Laura Rosin, Sleep Consultant from WeeSleep, to answer our top questions based on a Facebook Poll.

Astronomy with your Kids

Astronomy has fascinated humans for centuries, but it’s often the youngest of us who marvel...

Montessori then and now: still ahead the curve in education

Our ever-changing world impacts us in many ways; even in the way, our kids are...

How to balance electronics and nature?

So many parents today complain that their kids are always inside and plugged into their...

Girl getting chiropractic help
Straightening up - Chiropractic help for your child

Getting chiropractic help for your child I did not grow up in a “chiropractic family”....

Family looking at devices not unplugged
Unplugged and Unbothered

Organize your electronics for a happier and healthier home If you spent 2016 lost in...

children cooking and practicing life skills
Importance of sewing and cooking skills

To a busy parent rushing to put a weekday meal on the table or trying...

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