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Fun ways to embrace Canadian Multiculturalism Day

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Today is Canadian Multiculturalism Day! This day honours the many cultural communities that help build a strong and vibrant Canadian society. Today is a great day to take a few moments and celebrate the cultural diversity that enriches us collectively. Reaffirm your commitment to equity, inclusion, and mutual respect.

asian grandson, grandfather and grandmother sitting on grass having fun outdoors in park at sunset

An Event that supports Canadian Multiculturalism Day

If you missed the events this weekend, you can still celebrate in Vancouver at Kits Beach! Go for a picnic in the park and then head over to Kitsilano Showboat for an exciting Bright Sunset Chinese Dance!

Canadian Multiculturalism Day: Norine Braun & Alice Fraser; Bright Sunset Chinese Dance; Kohania
Jun 27, 7:00–9:00 p.m.

Kitsilano Showboat
2300 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver, BC

Join them for a full evening of performances and activities as they celebrate Canadian Multiculturalism Day.

A Book that talk about multiculturalism

If you can’t make it out tonight, think about picking up a book to share with your children!

Kai’s Tea Eggs


An endearing and beautifully illustrated children’s book about learning to embrace our heritage and celebrating what makes us unique Multicultural Day is coming up at school, and Kai is nervous about sharing her family’s Chinese food with her classmates. Kai’s mother is excited about making some special dishes, but Kai doesn’t like feeling different from everyone else. Upset, she runs off on her own and meets Ming the dragon, who takes her on a magical journey to explore different parts of Chinese culture—especially all the delicious food! With Ming’s help, Kai learns about her family roots and how to celebrate all that makes her unique. This a charming story for anyone who, like Kai, has felt the frustration of trying to fit in before finally learning to appreciate who they are. Children aged 3 to 7 would enjoy this book.

Kai’s Tea Eggs was written by Karina Zhou, a Chinese Canadian writer and artist from Vancouver studying animation in San Francisco. Her debut children’s book, Kai’s Tea Eggs, was inspired by her own experiences growing up in Canada and learning to embrace her Chinese family heritage.

Get a copy here.

Take some time today to enjoy this special day and learn about the numerous cultures that make up Canada!

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