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An artistic afternoon with Pip & Vix art kits

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kids with art kit

The other day we had the pleasure of trying out an art kit from Pip & Vix. It was a rainy day and we had OD’ed on screentime so it was time to do another activity. My 3-year-old was very excited when she was pulling out all the amazing pieces that came with the 3-D painting box.

There were:

  • Canvases
  • Foam core shapes pre-cut (various sizes)
  • Glue
  • Various pots of paint & brushes
  • Sea sponges
  • Colour wheel
  • Water cups & plastic spoons
  • Clipboard paint palettes
  • Newsprint & paper towel
  • Samples of Frank Stella’s work for inspiration
  • Instruction sheets
  • Fun educational fact sheets

She got started painting the canvas first and then followed with the foam core shapes. The best part was mixing the paints on the clipboard paint pallet. It was a great way to introduce how combining colours blend to make new colours.  Using a variety of brushes and the sponge to apply the paint was also a special treat.

My 6-year-old also gave the art kit a try. He wasn’t as interested in following the instructions or working to recreate a Frank Stella masterpiece, but he enjoyed having access to all the tools to make his own masterpiece. The newly painted frog masterpiece is proudly displayed in his room now.

From a parent’s point of view, it was great to have all the pieces in one place and not need to scramble to find anything. The kits are so well prepared, even down to the kit including some paper towel. There is an abundance of supplies and definitely, enough for future projects and the box is a great keepsake/storage unit.


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