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An enchanting evening – Disney on Ice

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Enchanting is a word you often hear to describe Disney movies and events. The word aptly describes the most recent Disney on Ice – Mickey’s Search Party. This spectacular show enchanted both children and adults. My 4yr-old daughter watched with her mouth open completely enthralled by the show. 

Our first visit to Disney on Ice didn’t disappoint. I particularly appreciated the lights being left on for the first 10 minutes to give us parents (who are always late) a little more time to get settled in our seats. 

Lead by two exciting teenagers – Isabella and Alex, the audience was taken on a journey with Mickey and friends to free Tinkerbelle. Along the way, we got to see fantastic acrobatics, aerial stunts, and ice skating tricks that had everyone in awe accompanied by classic Disney songs that everyone was singing along too – especially the finale – Let it Go from Frozen. 

Coco - Disney on Ice

Our favourite princesses were all there – Belle, Jasmine, Moana, Ariel, Elsa, and Anna. There was also an appearance from Woody and his Toy Story friends, and you can’t forget Coco. Each vignette included key parts from the movie paired with the talented ice-skaters and even some trampoline gymnastics. 

The show didn’t leave a moment for any potentially restless guests to get bored. The action was non-stop. The performers actively involved the audience, from clapping to singing or just leaving us gawking in amazement, we were left beyond entertained.

The show even included a brief intermission to stretch your legs, run to the bathroom, and refuel before the second half continued.

I would definitely recommend a visit to Disney on Ice. It won’t disappoint anyone of your family members. From 3yrs to 70yrs, Disney always finds a way to impress us. Even the toughest to please, 8yr old boys we brought along, had a great time and would be happy to go again. 

There is still time to be enchanted and immersed in the fantastic worlds of Disney-Pixar’s Coco, Frozen, Moana, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin, Toy Story, and The Little Mermaid; this all-new show will be playing Vancouver until December 1st. 

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