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4 Reasons to Book Fall Activities

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kids doing activities

Summer is coming to an end and now is time to start planning which activities your children will be doing this fall. Extracurricular activities and classes are a huge part of children’s growth and development. They provide an opportunity for children to have new experiences, meet new people, and learn new skills. On top of all that here are four more reasons you should book your child in activities.

1. Extracurricular activities can foster an open mind

Extracurricular activities give your children a chance to explore environments they may not encounter in school or at home. This may expose them to new ideas, interests, and opportunities, which is a great way to encourage their curiosity. 

2. Help build relationships and connections

After-school activities provide an opportunity for children and teens to spend time in a non-academic environment with people in their age group. This will allow them to build positive relationships in a fun and safe space with others who share a common interest.

3. Strengthen interpersonal and work skills outside their familiar ‘zones’

Extracurricular activities for children not only allow them to experience new and fun things, but they also help them build important life skills. For example, the relationships they build during these activities will teach them how to work with new people and how to work in a team. 

4. Teach kids to stay committed

Another important part of extracurricular activities for children and teens is the ability to keep a long-term commitment. If your 12-year-old is on a field hockey, soccer, or rugby team, they will quickly learn that the rest of the team is depending on them to be there for practices and games throughout the season. An activity that requires this type of commitment will provide kids with a great learning experience to be responsible for the activities they have signed up for.

In BC, we’re very lucky to have a large selection of fantastic organizations that provide extracurricular activities. Have a look at some of the local businesses and start a conversation with your child to get them thinking about what new things they would like to try out. this year!

Options for Exciting Activities

Arts Umbrella

girls at dance activity
Photo credit: Michael Slobodian

Surrey Centre 604/585-6996
South Surrey 604/535-1127
Granville Island, Vancouver 604/681-5268

Spark a lifelong journey of creativity at Arts Umbrella! With classes in Visual Arts, Media Arts, Dance, Theatre, Music & Film, Arts Umbrella has programs for young people ages 2-22. Whether it’s a first Early Learning class or an advanced Theatre program, there is something for young artists of every age and stage.

Fall classes begin the week of September 11.

Evergreen Cultural Centre

Kids in Theatre Activity

1205 Pinetree Way, Coquitlam BC
Book Online: https://evergreenculturalcentre.ca/educate/kids-public-art-programs/

We’re excited to welcome creative kids back to Evergreen Cultural Centre for another fantastic year of public arts programs! Designed and led by our knowledgeable arts educators, our programs for kids and teens present opportunities to engage in hands-on and experiential learning while they explore how to express their thoughts and emotions through movement, speech, and storytelling. This year, our programs include options like acting and improv, dance, musical theatre, and production. Registration is on now and begin as early as September 16, 2023.

Gateway Academy – Acting, Musical Theatre Summer Camps

group study

Richmond, 604/247-4975
Ages 6–8

Whether your child is outgoing or shy, Gateway Academy provides performance and life skills for kids to express themselves confidently. Students get the unique opportunity to learn inside a professional theatre taught by industry artists in a safe, welcoming environment. Year-long and sessional classes for ages 6-18 now open for registration. Limited spots available.

Momentum Movement Academy

Child swinging on course in activity

1961 McLean Avenue Unit #2
Port Coquitlam

Learn to move and have fun doing it! The 14-week fall classes run the week of September 10th till the week of December 16th. With Parkour, Rock Climbing, Ninja Warrior, and Tricking/Tumbling, they have something for everyone! They love sharing their passion for movement, and no matter your age or skill, they believe the world can be your playground.



Richmond Central, Kerrisdale, Kitsilano, West Vancouver, Kelowna

Full STEAM ahead this fall at Steamoji! Our BC locations are ready to welcome new apprentices to our 400-hour Build to Solve™ curriculum, where they’ll learn new skills in the subject pathways of fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts. Let’s get building!

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