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Why Choose Summer Camps Offered At Schools?

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Summer camps at schools offer a unique blend of structure, fun, and comfort.

When summer camps are offered at schools, the familiar environment breaks through barriers and kids are quick to try new experiences as there is something really fun about having their school set up a little bit differently for these experiences. Science labs might now become as mad scientists experience for the week and the gymnasium might be a place to learn the basics to gymnastics, dance, or maybe even offer a fun beach experience! Within each of these camps themes, the advantages to signing up your kiddos for camps held in their schools or even a new one to your family, is they often have access to superior facilities and resources as they are already set up to cover every learning experience for kids – from classrooms to gyms and sometimes even fancy kitchens too!


ArtsCalibre Academy


Victoria, BC 250/382-3533 

Girl holding microphone with purple shades and music notes.

Calling all Swifties!

This camp is where you can come and learn more about the global superstar.  Sing and dance along to Taylor Swift’s favourite hits. Songs from across her career.  Finish with a “Swift – Show” on the last day. Students will immerse themselves in the whole world of “Swiftie”.  Find a community of new friends.  Learn Production numbers and create sets and props. 9AM – 3PM Bring your own lunch and snacks. Dates: July 2 – 5 and Aug 19- 23. Price is $250 for July and $312.50 for August.

My Whole Earth Academy


Vancouver, BC   778-379-1858

child playing with sand

Join us for an enriching 8-week adventure as we delve into the fascinating evolution of our planet Earth! At our camp, children will immerse themselves in exploring various habitats and uncovering the secrets of different life forms.

Each week, we’ll focus on a new group of organisms, examining their diets, habitats, and unique characteristics. From understanding how they build their homes to exploring their methods of communication, children will engage in hands-on activities and discussions to deepen their understanding of Earth’s biodiversity.

Let’s embark on this journey together, ignite curiosity, and foster essential skills for lifelong learning!

Pear Tree Education


Vancouver, BC 604/355 2155

Collage of different kids activities.

Join Pear Tree Education’s summer camps in Burnaby, East Van, Kitsilano, North Van, Steveston, and White Rock! Experience theme-based learning, hands-on activities, and real-life applications. Enjoy a 20% discount with a 6-week registration. Sign up now for a summer filled with fun, creativity, and growth. Visit our website for details and registration.



Vancouver, BC 604-434-9611

Westside Montessori

WMA Summer Camps offer summertime fun from July 2 to Aug. 2 in Vancouver. Check out our assortment of week-long K-7 programs — from sports to arts to science to Lego to cooking. If your child is looking for adventure (with perhaps a sprinkle of education from our camp leaders), check out our 2024 summer camps here!

You can also check in with your own school to see if they are offering any summer camps or programs and they might even have themed nights – Movie Nights are always popular! Lots of children’s centres are also running summer camps – check out our previous story about childcare centres to be aware of here.

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