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We Shall Remember

November 10, 2021

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Remembrance Day is tomorrow, and while some events are still being held in person, most cities are encouraging people to watch the ceremonies virtually because of the COVID-19. The City of Vancouver has planned a virtual Remembrance Day ceremony at Victory Square on Thursday. The ceremony will be streamed online on the City of Vancouver’s Facebook page for the public to watch from home starting at 10:30 am.

Aside from online events, you could organize your own Remembrance Day event through crafts.

Here are 4 crafts from CBC to commemorate and remember the day.

We Shall Remember - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Cupcake-Liner Poppy Bouquet
We Shall Remember - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Coffee Filter Poppies
We Shall Remember - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Popsicle Stick Poppy Frame
We Shall Remember - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Simple Poppy Art

Remembrance day can sometimes feel like a formality, but we must really think about what we can learn from history. If we truly empathize with those that were involved, perhaps we can gain a better respect for their losses and avoid more conflict in the future. Visit this link to the War Museum to learn the history of Remembrance Day. Take this day to talk about our history with your children and share some quality time with them.

Here is a poem my 10-year-old son wrote about Flander’s Field. I found it so powerful it made me cry and I would like to share it with you.

Fields of poppies solemnly growing around crosses standing still brightly glowing in our hearts.

Land fought over lives lost still shells exploding upon the hills of no man’s land.

A war raged on with soldiers dying fighting bravely in Flanders fields.

No man’s land standing still as graves are dug in Flanders fields.

Devotion to serving us our soldiers still fight with bravery and courage still losing their lives.

Every soldier dead is a family’s heartbroken but still, they fight for months on end dreaming of a peaceful world.

Remember the ones who fought now laying down in Flanders fields.

Standing tall row on row crosses named with the ones we lost in Flanders fields.

Carlie Parkinson


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