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4 Virtual Music Opportunities to Keep Your Child Learning

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virtual music

With so many schools and educational facilities turning to remote or virtual learning, it is easy to see how certain subjects may get overlooked. The most frequently missed or removed subject in virtual education curriculums has been music. It is unfortunate for this to occur, since music education has long been helpful in the development and well-being of children. 

Music education has numerous benefits for students, including establishing stronger social skills, increased confidence, and improved academics due to involved brain function. With all of these benefits and more stemming from music, there is no doubt that you should include music education within your child’s online studies. Here are some easy ways to be sure to keep music education incorporated in virtual learning.

Virtual Music Lessons

One of the best ways to be sure your child keeps music education while in a virtual setting is by enrolling them in virtual music lessons. There are many options for online music instruction for beginners. Children can take music lessons in an instrument they may be interested in, or possibly learn how to sing. 

The best part about virtual learning in this aspect is that you have the option of choosing expert music educators from around the world, rather than be limited to your current location. As a parent you can do your research and look into preferred ways for your children to learn, and talk to them about the way they learn best. You can even ask to have meetings with prospective instructors to ensure that they will help in your child’s development with their music education in the best way possible. 

Musical Learning Apps

Another way to incorporate music is with educational apps either on a tablet, computer, or mobile device. If you’re looking to save on costs, this is a great option. Most apps that you can download are usually free or at a very low, upfront cost and can still provide your child with music within their curriculum. Here are some of the most recommended music applications for your child:

  1. Mussila – This is a free app that has musical games, challenges and lessons for kids starting from age 5 all the way up to 14.
  2. Sago Mini Music Box – This app has the ability to allow children to play and learn well-known songs and is geared towards children ages 5 to 11.
  3. Musical Me! HD – This is mostly geared towards younger children ages 3 to 5, but this musical app takes children on a journey to learn basic music theory like notes, rhythm, and pitch.

There are numerous other musical education apps that you can explore, but here are a few that you can start with if you’re not sure where to begin. Depending on what sort of musical experience you want to give your child, you can explore what app will suit their needs best.

Virtual Music Workshops & Masterclasses

If you have children that love to perform, you might want to consider enrolling them within a Broadway-type online masterclass. Some voice and music studios have been hiring well-to-do music performers to come and do various masterclasses with their students, where the children can perform and get some honest criticism and feedback on how to improve their skills. 

Workshops are similar but are geared towards a more educational nature than a masterclass. Workshops can be anything from beginner-type group lessons to actual deep dives into various musical tools, such as learning how to play specific rhythms on drums, advanced music theory, or even songwriting. Many of these virtual opportunities can help your child to expand their skills in a specific area. 

Online Performances

Many children have to miss out on performing on stage and in front of an audience right now, too. There are numerous community theaters and performance art venues that have been pivoting to offer online and virtual performances so that their businesses can continue. For a child that loves to play or sing in front of an audience, this would be a great way to keep music within their learning, without having to enroll your child in a specific class. It also helps out many of the non-profit companies out there that are learning and maneuvering their way through the virtual and technological musical circumstances.

Many of the “rehearsals” for these types of performances are done over video conference, so even though your child won’t be able to practice for their performance in-person, they can still get the interaction and social connections that are needed during times like these when people are unable to see each other. It helps with their social development, and it also allows them to continue to expand upon their musical skills by practicing and performing.

Technology is Important

This new virtual way of things can be difficult, but embracing technology for all of these educational opportunities is important for children right now. With music on the outs of school learning in an online setting, it is time for parents to take the reins in ensuring that their children still obtain their musical education. Parents have had to take on the role of teacher, so hopefully, some of these avenues can help and will be a good fit for your child to continue his/her music learning virtually. 

It is wonderful that parents are rising to meet the educational needs of their children in this time of crisis. If you are concerned about your children having too much screen time, break it up by giving them some activities away from the computer, such as getting outside for walks, riding their bikes, or even just doing some outside yard work for a certain amount of time per day. 

It is challenging for many people, not just teachers, to be doing all of their work in the online world, however, many of them have risen to the occasion and are keeping the flow of business going in many different ways. Musical experts, musical theater groups, and music instructors are becoming more creative with their online repertoire, so be sure to continue your research to give your child the best musical learning opportunity to aid in their development, instead of depriving them of skills or abilities that will help them in many other areas throughout their life. 

Before she discovered her passion for teaching, Nicole was pinching pennies in her 20s while singing at dive bars. Nowadays, she contributes to music blogs, parenting forums, and education websites, and provides music lessons with Music to Your Home. She loves sharing her insight with musicians, teachers, and parents of musicians-in-training!

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