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The Exciting Education Issue 2022

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We are excited to be back in the classroom for another year. The pandemic is now behind us and our children are happy to be with their friends every day. With everything coming back to normal we’ve got a few articles in our 2022 Education issue to help you get settled in.

With a focus on mental health, we want to help give you tools to be more mindful in your parenting approach with children and adolescents. We also want to provide you with some ideas about how to ensure this year runs smoothly by creating a child-centered routine.

Here are the articles you’ll find in this Education issue

3 Upcoming Events
6 Mydoh helps children manage their finances
8 Independent School Guide
13 Preschool Guide
15 Creating a child-centered routine
17 Cursive: Outdated or relevant?
18 Tutoring Resources
19 The over-looked benefits of videogames
in childhood development
21 Adolescent development and
mental health concerns
22 Talking a mindful approach to
parenting and caregiving
24 Specialized Learning Support for Kids with
Learning Differences Builds Confidence and
Self-esteem at School and Beyond
26 Maker-Minded: Raising DIY kids
28 Activity Guide

Enjoy the read and enjoy the school year!

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