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Amazing Spring Cleaning – Ready, Set, Refresh

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As any parent can tell you, kids are the first to embrace bright colours and creative spaces. Their joie de vivre can help lead the way in imaginative bedroom design. All it takes are a few new upgrades, accents, or accessories for the ultimate kid’s room refresh.

There’s a catch, though! No design process would be complete without a parent’s seal of approval. Start everything off with some spring cleaning for a total family win.

Spring Cleaning

Child’s Play

Amazing Spring Cleaning - Ready, Set, Refresh - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Cleaning with kids is easier as a game. Here are some ways to make it fun:

  • Set a time limit. By giving kids 10 or 15 minutes to do an activity, they’re more likely to get moving. Keeping things short and sweet makes any chore more appealing.
  • Award the winner. Giving a prize for individual tasks means kids have an incentive to do their best. Something simple like a treat, extra play time or stickers will do the trick.
  • Make an activity board. Making an activity board can help children understand the big picture. Incorporating visual aids is another way to get them on board.
  • Attitude is everything. Do you remember when your kids used to play with pretend vacuums or toy money? They love doing what you do. Lead by example to get your kids motivated.

Set the Stage

Another way to make cleaning more manageable is by having clear rules. Get happier helpers with a method to the madness:

Know your numbers. There’s a big difference between donating and purging with purpose. It’s all a numbers game. Use a 3:1 keep to donate ratio to make it simple.

Create a red/green system. Having yes and no piles might be tough for children who love everything. The red/green system is a child-friendly twist on this cleaning classic.

Reward reminders. Kids will be kids and work is often a hard sell. If your children are dragging their feet, remind them of the beautiful room they’ll have once everything is said and done.

Hidden treasures. Big cleaning often means digging up long-lost treasures. Kids should be able to keep some of their favourites but don’t open the floodgates for everything.

Spring cleaning is as fun as you make it. Keeping your kids engaged, involved and in the right headspace make all the difference.

Kid’s Room Refresh

Have you ever been clothes shopping with a young child? It’s like a piñata explosion at a birthday party. That joyful, contagious energy is the perfect place to start when designing for kids.    

The other piece of the puzzle is the shy parent syndrome. Don’t worry! Design isn’t as scary as it may seem. Take a cue from your children and relax into the process. 

In the meantime, here are a few ideas to keep you and the fam on the same page.

Amazing Spring Cleaning - Ready, Set, Refresh - BC Parent Newsmagazine


Know your budget. First things first: know where you stand when it comes to money. Your kids will love any upgrade but understanding your budget is an important first step.

Do some research. This, too, is adult-only intel. Gauge the price of bedding, wallpaper or decorative accessories will help you know your limits.

Create a schedule. Being the practical half of the equation means breaking things up into manageable pieces. Having a plan helps keep the end in sight.

Main Event

Now it’s time to get your kids involved! They’ll have tons of great input to share.

Find your inspo. Learning about options is often the best place to start. Explore trends, materials and design ideas in magazines, catalogues, blogs or TV shows. Your kids will love it, too.

Pick a theme. Picking a theme helps set the tone before getting into all the particulars. Think winter wonderland, favourite sports, book or TV characters or a simple colour scheme. 

Explore your options. Think of a theme as the trunk of the tree; now it’s time to connect the branches. Will you paint the wall, add new furniture or create storage options? The sky’s the limit. 

Colour comes first. If you know which bedding you’d like, pick your wall colour or pattern accordingly. Coordinating large design elements first helps keep the big picture in mind.

Mix things up. One of the best ways to add interest to a room is by playing with colour, texture or pattern. Final touches like throw pillows or blankets are the icing on the cake.

Think tough. Kids are many things but gentle isn’t one of them. Go for durable materials, easily replaceable items or spill-friendly surfaces. 

Keep it small. We tend to forget how the world looks from a child’s view especially when they’re little. Keeping things within sight and reach is one way of maximizing their space.

Ask your consultant. When in doubt, ask your child. It’s their room, after all, and they’re never short on ideas! Working as a team is definitely the way to go.

Final thoughts

Now it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy the grand finale. Congratulate your family on a job well done! Have a mini celebration or toast amongst yourselves. You’ll be ready to take on a new project in no time.    

Martha Oschwald is a content writer specializing in all things design-related. Getting kids and parents excited about the process is half the fun! With a background in translation and residential architecture, she combines quality prose with creative content at https://deliciouswords.weebly.com/.

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