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‘PLEASE STOP USING’: Major vitamin recall at Walmart, Costco and other stores triggers Health Canada warning!

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Certain vitamins sold at Costco and Walmart might contain fragments of metal wire that could damage your digestive system, Health Canada said in a warning to shoppers.

Church & Dwight Canada Corp. is recalling certain lots of L’il Critters Gummy Vites children’s vitamins, as well as vitafusion Fibre Well and vitafusion MultiVites vitamins for adults, because certain lots may contain metal wire fragments, Health Canada said in its recall notice.

The affected lots were manufactured within a specific four-day period between Oct. 29 and Nov. 3, 2020 and were distributed nationally.

“Ingesting the metal fragment could damage the digestive system. Based on information from the company, the metal fragments are thought to be small pieces of a stainless steel filter screen that failed during manufacturing,” Health Canada writes. “The fragments are thin, visible, flexible wires measuring approximately 25 millimetres long. The company became aware after receiving consumer complaints, none of which involved a report of consumer injury as a result of the issue.”

The following products are affected by this recall:

Product NPN Product UPC Lot Expiry
L’il Critters Gummy Vites 70-count bottle 80093799 0-27917-27000-5 WA03063552
L’il Critters Gummy Vites 190-count bottle 80093799 0-27917-01704-4 WA03105933
L’il Critters Gummy Vites 275-count bottle 80093799 0-27917-00198-2 WA03066312
vitafusion Fibre Well 90-count bottle 80046319 0-27917-02298-7 WA03086272 11/2022
vitafusion MultiVites 250-count bottle 80089431 0-27917-00197-5 WA03045979
vitafusion MultiVites 150-count bottle 80089431 0-27917-02333-5 WA03046274 04/2022
'PLEASE STOP USING': Major vitamin recall at Walmart, Costco and other stores triggers Health Canada warning! - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Both Walmart and Costco sell the products and both posted recall notices on their respective websites. You can double-check your product using the UPC and Lot numbers to determine if yours have been affected.

“If you believe you have one (or more) of the…vitamin products in your possession, please stop using it immediately. At your convenience, you may return it to a Costco warehouse to obtain a full refund,” Costco said in its recall notice.

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