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Shift Your Thinking 9th Annual Online Summit – Moving Out of Crisis

Shift Your Thinking LD is a Canadian charity dedicated to helping families, school leaders, teachers and healthcare professionals work together to support the success of children with learning challenges, which can lead to special educational and mental health needs. We know they can flourish at home and in the classroom with the right support.


We hope you pass this Summit information to your parent council, families, teachers and support services teams so the people who could benefit from this community and info can access it.

On November 7 – 10, we’re holding our 9th annual Shift Your Thinking LD Online Summit to give parents and professionals, such as teachers who have children with learning disabilities, dyslexia, and ADHD, access to leading experts from all over the world. 


The theme this year is Moving Out of Crisis. We aim to share practical tools and insights when you or a family member are in crisis. We have the following speakers this fall 2023 online summit:


  • Tom Hierck, Try NEW When the Old Won’t Do!
    • Consultant and Author of Trauma Sensitive Instruction – his life and work experience will make you think about how we support kids in a school setting.
  • Dwight Chapin DC, Health, Strength and Hope. 
    • Award-winning chiropractor, CFL’s Argos Team Chiro, owner of a large multi-disciplinary practice, author of Take Good Care – Health Strength and Hope
  • Jane Craig, Recovering and Supporting Others through Trauma.
    • High School Teacher and Special Education Specialist working in the Day Treatment Program for youth with complex mental health and learning needs.
  • David Lester, Learning at Home Without Homeschooling.
    • CEO of Nisai Group, an educational platform supporting learners outside the traditional education system.

For more information about our Summit or organization please check out www.shiftyourthinkingld.com or follow us on insta @shiftyourthinkingld


Susan + Sperry