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Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration and Family Fun - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration and Family Fun

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn moon with an afternoon of fun activities for the family.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is often referred to as the “Mooncake Festival” because of the delectable treat that takes center stage. These sweet pastries symbolize unity and family togetherness with their rich fillings and intricate designs. To learn more of these traditions in a fun, playful way, bring your whole family to Gateway Theatre for a joyful experience listening to a live reading of The Legend of the Whooshhh.

In this entertaining tale, three chum salmon, Eunice, RoRo, and Mabel head upstream from the ocean to their home. With rising temperatures and lowering water levels, the Three Chums rely on their enduring friendships, new connections, the myth of Chang Er and the legend of The Whooshhh – the salmon cannon- to get them safely home. The audio play will be brought to life by local Asian artists Stephanie Wong, Angela Chu, Harmony Yen, Raugi Yu, and Cindy Kao. Created by Five Blessings Collective and co-produced with Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre, this audio play immerses young audiences and their families to enjoy and explore the wonders and meanings behind the traditional Chinese festival in a fun and entertaining way.

Following the live reading, there will be themed crafts and a special mooncake to take home!

Limited spots available – get your tickets today and celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with us! Two event times for families at 10am and 1pm on September 24.