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Eggciting Easter Baskets

April 6, 2023

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easter baskets

Easter Sunday is only days away! Have you bought the items for the Easter Baskets? The baskets were traditionally filled with a copious amount of candy, but now people are moving away from all that excess. In the past, I have included a new DVD, this year I have added a few different things to go with a few Purdy’s chocolates I got from the school fundraiser.

Every year we look for different items to put in the Easter Baskets. One year we added Easter themed Lego sets including rabbits, birds, and flowers. We also used refillable eggs and put tattoos, stickers and hair ties in them. This year we have few new ideas and there is even a new trend with Easter Egg Tokens! Check out our 2023 non-chocolate things to fill your children’s baskets with.

Items for Easter Baskets

We’re All Ears for these Great Reads

Easter is filled with Bunnies and Eggs so are these great books or choose one of your child’s favourites.

Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine
The Tale of Peter Rabbit If I Were a Lamb The Good Egg The Magic Bunny

A Substitute for Sugar

Healthy Hippo is a delicious, plant-based low sugar candy. Their goal is to change perceptions about snacking – that snacks and cravings for sweets are part of a healthy diet.

Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Easter Egg Tokens

Instead of filling Easter baskets with sweets or chocolates, this year, many parents are opting for Easter egg tokens – small tokens that fit into Easter eggs with different prizes written on them, like ‘extra play time’ or a ‘movie night’. Here are some great printable options.

Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Too Big for Baskets? Here is a fun treat for your “big” loved one

The little guys get a lot of treats, this something fun to share with a loved one to show them you care about them too! Cadbury is bringing The Cadbury Worldwide Hide to Canada – a virtual Easter egg hiding experience where you can hide an iconic Purple Cadbury Egg anywhere in the world for someone you love to find. Following successful launches in the UK, South Africa, and Australia, The Cadbury Worldwide Hide is now available in the Canadian market in both English and French. 

How it Works:  

·         Visit www.worldwidehide.cadbury.ca 

·         Step 1: Hide your Easter Egg using Google Maps Street View 

·         Step 2: Write your clue for a family member or friend and send it their way 

·         Step 3: Once they’ve received your special clue, they can start searching for their egg on the map. Wish them luck – the world is a big place! 

Eggciting Easter Baskets - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Have a great Easter and let’s hop, I mean, hope we get some sunshine to enjoy it in!

Carlie Parkinson


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