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We’re going Back-to-School!

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Girl going Back-to-School

It’s hard to believe Summer is almost over. The time flies by so fast with summer camps, summer activities, camping trips and much more to fill the day. It’s now time to start thinking about school again. It’s time to go through the wardrobe and see what kids haven’t outgrown, go through the school supplies to see what they need, and book the extracurricular activities. We can’t help you with the clothes or supplies, but we definitely can help with the activities. Be sure to look through the guide to see which your child is interested in. Have a read about how After School Activities Offer Worthwhile Benefits. If the idea of going back-to-school gives your child some stress, read our Ten Tips for Helping You and Your Child with Back-To-School Anxiety.

Once you’ve got Back-to-School sorted, be sure to read about The Myopia Epidemic. Unfortunately, the prevalence of screen-time is affecting our children’s vision. Near-sightedness (Myopia) is now a huge concern and something to be aware of and prevented as much as possible.

Finally, we have some tips to Rewild the Child and products to help you enjoy the last few days of summer. Time flies, get outside and have some fun, or hunker in with a board game and some quality family time!

 Enjoy the read, and welcome back-to-school!


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