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Amazing Mother’s Day Ideas

Mother's Day
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Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is next weekend! I can’t believe it’s coming up so quickly. Have you thought of some gifts for that important woman in your life? It could be your mother? Or you may even have some ideas for yourself! Don’t feel guilty about it.

I do love the home-made gifts from the kids, but as they get older they want to get mom bigger gifts or just don’t have the time to craft something at school or home. Here are some ideas to casually suggest or hint to your loved ones or just tell them to read this post 🙂

Rest in a divine bed

Mom’s work hard so give them a soothing place to rest at night by including these two items from Sleep Country Canada.

PUR Silk Pillowcase

Give mom the gift of beauty sleep and glowing skin with a PUR Silk Pillowcase. This 100% silk pillowcase helps maintain moisture while minimizing any tugging on your skin during the night, so mom will wake up refreshed, and looking that way! The smoothness of the silk also helps reduce the friction on her hair which can cause damage like split ends.

Amazing Mother's Day Ideas - BC Parent Newsmagazine
PUR Silk Pillowcase

Bamboo Nights Sheet Set

The gift of a good night’s sleep is what moms have been dreaming of. These Bamboo Nights Sheets are made from 100% rayon from bamboo for one of the softest slumbers she’ll ever have. Exclusive to Sleep Country, this sheet set might just put her to sleep before her head hits the pillow.

Amazing Mother's Day Ideas - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Bamboo Sheets

Donate on their behalf

Make a donation to LUMP and in recognition of your donation of $100 or more and profound impact on the cancer community, they will gift you a LUMP – a memorable tangible symbol of beauty + strength. They also have an option to donate without receiving a gift if you would prefer to not receive a pillow or would like to donate a different amount. 100% of your donation is given to Inspire Health.

Amazing Mother's Day Ideas - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Mother’s Day LUMP

Don’t forget a card!

Cards can be special or the last thing you get. If you’re like me and often forget to get them, here is a collection of fun and festive HP Printables to help you or your family celebrate the mom in your life. Whether she’s a sprout queen in the garden or the crafty scrapbooker, HP Canada has cards, colouring pages and printable for every kind of mom. And they’re super easy to print right at home and share to make mom feel extra special this year.

Amazing Mother's Day Ideas - BC Parent Newsmagazine
Amazing Mother's Day Ideas - BC Parent Newsmagazine

No matter what you get or how you get it, Mother’s Day is all about moms! Enjoy the day being pampered and loved and share that joy with other mothers too!

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