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All children can grow up cavity-free with good dental care

July 11, 2019

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How cavities form

Plaque begins growing on teeth as soon as they start to erupt at about 6 months of age. Plaque is the soft yellow film that sticks to teeth.  it is made up mainly of bacteria. It takes more time and effort than most of us give to keep our teeth free from plaque. When sugar combines with the plaque, an acid forms that removes calcium from the teeth. When the teeth are free of plaque and acid, the calcium in the saliva moves back into the teeth. Cavities form when the teeth lose more calcium than they take in.

Almost all food and drink contain sugar. There is sugar in dairy foods, in starch and grains, in fruits and in vegetables. It is not possible to keep sugar out of your child’s diet. The natural sugars in nutritious foods can be as damaging to teeth as the sugar in candies consumed too frequently and in excess. But remember, candies contain little value for growth and development while fruits, grains, milk, etc. are essential.

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