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Learn the fundamentals of Digital Parenting

2 min read

Join a free, introductory Digital Parenting webinar Thursday, June 25, at 1:30pm ET! It will focus on parents of children between 5 and 11 years old and will discuss questions such as how closely should we watch our kids when they are online, how can we help them stay safe when using the internet, and…

Carlie Parkinson

girls looking at a digital screen

Why Great Games Make Your Kids Forget They’re Actually Learning

6 min read

Most of us underestimate the learning potential of games. Games don’t just promote curiosity and active problem-solving, they encourage deeper learning and high engagement. They create safe places for kids to take risks and learn to manage the emotions that come with failure. Just think, kids, replay games not just for fun, but for the…

Veronica Lin

family playing board games

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