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How to Help Your Child Become a Reader Using Their

6 min read

Using a child’s passions brings out their innate genius. Assigned school subjects are not usually what children are interested in, but parents and tutors can help a child to use their hidden passions when an assignment is given and I know how to help your child read.

Dr. Victoria Waller


CBC Kids reads shares the love of books with young

3 min read

As CBC’s great Canadian book debate, Canada Reads, returns for its 22nd edition later this month, a new generation of book lovers are encouraged to participate in the literary celebration with CBC KIDS READS, also running March 27 – 30.

Angela Wanja

CBC Kids

Could Your Child’s Reading Difficulty be Dyslexia?

5 min read

Children learn to read at their own pace but if your child is struggling to make significant progress compared to their peers, it may be possible they have a reading problem called dyslexia. According to Mayo Clinic, “Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how…

Sarah Lyons


5 Great Tips to Help Teach Babies and Toddlers to

5 min read

Here are five elements to help parents choose and use books to successfully to support communication development in infancy and toddlerhood (or at any point in early language learning):

Stephanie Cohen


Talented, Budding Young Author Discovered in Vancouver

4 min read

100% volunteer-run charity, Ripple Foundation, announced Cora Arvidson, a seventh-grade student from Vancouver’s Sir William Osler Elementary School, as one of two winners of its 10th annual Kids Write 4 Kids creative challenge, a one-of-a-kind nationwide competition for students in grades four to eight.  Cora’s winning poetry collection, Threads, is available in paperback and ebook…

Carlie Parkinson


Fall is here

< 1 min read

It’s Fall and the rain is falling…hard. Have you hunkered down and got cozy on your couch yet? It’s that time of year, but luckily we will be entering the holiday season soon and that always brings cheer!In this issue, we’ve got some tips on how to get your child excited to read and “Hook…

Carlie Parkinson

Becoming a Hero: The Power of Storytelling in Child Development

4 min read

Once upon a time... If the pen is mightier than the sword, then the classic words beginning most tales are as strong as steel. Tales scare away the monsters under the bed; they teach the difference between right and wrong; they are educators and friends and soothing presences at the end of very long days.…

Emma Edger


Getting it right with Reading Eggs

3 min read

This post was brought to you by Reading Eggs, but the opinions are my own. Reading is an important skill. It’s something we always encouraged our children to do by reading them bedtime stories or doing reading activities on a rainy day. In the past, I never actively taught my children to read. I have…

Carlie Parkinson

Girl using Reading Eggs

Why To Bring Back Pen Pals

4 min read

Some people think of pen-pals as an expired tradition, like black-and-white movies and 8-track tapes, but a lot of Circle of Moms members say writing and corresponding by hand via snail mail is still a necessary life skill. They're searching every day for old-fashioned pen-pals for their kids, and the surprising part is that the majority are searching…

Guest Author

girl with learning disability looking for letter

10 Ways To Help Your Child Be An Excellent Reader

7 min read

Reading is the most important habit to instill in a child. It will increase their vocabulary, which will directly improve their performance at school. Here are 10 ways to help your child be an excellent reader.

Natacha Beim

reading, reader

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Enter to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Science World Earth Matters! Contest closes July 30th.

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