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Overwhelmed and receiving little support?  Have you considered applying for

5 min read

As parents, it is our innate nature to do all we can to support and nurture our children’s development.  There are so many stresses, hurdles, and concerns. Parents with children with disabilities or medical conditions have overwhelming pressure both emotionally and financially as they struggle to find support and put in place early interventions. Getting access to testing,…

T.J. Firenze


Report cards are coming and they look different?!

8 min read

The first report card is coming in December. If your child is in Grade 5 or higher, it’s going to look quite different because letter grades will no longer be given for children in grades K-9 and will only be given out in grades 10-12. We reached out to the Ministry of Education and Child…

Angela Wanja


Advice and Tips On How Parents Can Connect With Their

5 min read

We’re all busy.  As parents, you may have work, meetings, chores, and everything else that involves taking care of your family. Teens and kids of all ages have school, homework, extracurriculars, chores, friendship ups and downs, and more.  On top of all that, there’s still the unpredictability of daily life; whether it’s a pop quiz,…

Mercedes Korngut 


Strengthen Your Child’s Executive Functioning: 7 Strategies You Can Use

9 min read

For many people, the day after Labour Day marks more of a new year than January 1st. It is a time of considerable change for students and families.  With this shift from the summer routine comes increased demands for planning and prioritizing, remembering, organization and responsibility.  For some this is a smooth transition - yet…

Jo Stebbings

executive functioning

A Great Music Soundtrack to Childhood

5 min read

We had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Ingram, an award-winning, five-time Emmy nominated songwriter and composer whose distinctive musical style has earned him recognition as one of the top song-writers working in Children’s and Family entertainment. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and son. Why is kids' music controversial? Kids' music, for many, is…

Angela Wanja

dancing to music

BC Parent Profile – The talented Priya Tronsgard

4 min read

We're happy to introduce a talented, local Vancouver mompreneur, Priya Tronsgard. Priya was the director of a licensed childcare facility in her hometown of East Vancouver. She is also the founder of Edify Learning Spaces and a proud parent of 2 neurodivergent children. She is currently working on an audiobook called Reframe: A Guide for Caregivers…

Carlie Parkinson

Priya talented

BC Parent Profile: Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford – Fabulous

4 min read

We're excited to have a new BC Parent profile with a twist. Rather than just one parent, we got to connect with two! Eric Horgan and Tara Hungerford are two loving, sensitive and creative Vancouverites. This husband and wife team are television writers/directors and creators of The Gumboot Kids programs, which airs in 180 countries…

Carlie Parkinson

Gumboot Kids creators

Friendship Breakup

6 min read

Friendship Breakup… this one hurts. It’s hard to talk about, it’s one of those raw things that as women we don’t talk about…at least not openly.  Friendship breakup is when 2 people are really good friends, best friends even and then for one reason or another the friendship ends.  Sometimes mutually but often it’s one-sided.…

Lisa Frers

Adult friends

4 self-care tips for first-year students

2 min read

Adjusting to a new life away from home can be challenging for first-year students, especially when they’re used to being cared for by their parents. A Whirlpool Canada survey found that almost half of Canadian students said that moving away from home had negatively affected their wellbeing. Now, with the onus on students to take…

Guest Author

mother teaching daughter self-care

Kids are getting the money tools, but not learning how

4 min read

Kids are starting on the money track sooner than their parents did, but it’s not helping them to manage money on their own any sooner, says a new CIBC poll. The poll, which surveyed Canadian parents with children aged 24 or under, found that on average, kids are opening bank accounts, receiving allowances, managing their…

Alexa Xuereb

Boy counting money

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