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11 min read

Much like any other curriculum or discipline, the arts offer so much opportunity for inner growth in our children and youth.  Linda Shirley has created a legacy in Arts Education by providing every kind of imaginable opportunity a child or youth in these interconnected disciplines. Both the Renaissance Academy and The Arts Conservatory in Steveston…

Lorrie Holmes

Three people: two men and one women in photo. Women holding award.

An Amazing Lifetime of Music Begins Here ™

3 min read

Fun. Uplifting. Magical. Transformative. These are just a few of the ways that parents describe Music Together®. Want to join their amazing community of Music Together families?

Carlie Parkinson

Baby with drum at Music Class

Performance Based Learning is how we are getting kids invested

6 min read

When you step through the doors of School of Rock Vancouver, what you will hear is laughter and excitement. That’s because these budding musicians are building their self confidence while playing their chosen musical instruments from day one instead of starting with scales and other theory exercises, and they are doing this alongside their friends in…

Lorrie Holmes

school of rock

A Great Music Soundtrack to Childhood

5 min read

We had the pleasure of interviewing Daniel Ingram, an award-winning, five-time Emmy nominated songwriter and composer whose distinctive musical style has earned him recognition as one of the top song-writers working in Children’s and Family entertainment. He lives in Vancouver with his wife and son. Why is kids' music controversial? Kids' music, for many, is…

Angela Wanja

dancing to music

12 Amazing Benefits of Music Lessons

6 min read

Does your child love to sing? Love plunking on the piano or pounding on the drum? Do you think you might have a future musician in your home? Let’s look at some short and long term benefits of music lessons.

Sarah Lyons


It’s Voting Time

< 1 min read

We compiled the list of nominations and narrowed it down to our Top 5 in each category. Now it's time to make your favourite businesses smile! Vote for your #BCPFamilyFavourites here! [ss-promo op_id="619185" op_guid="2497ca00-a37f-49f3-be91-f9fce64da1ab" routing="hash"]

Carlie Parkinson

Smiling baby

How to Choose a Children’s Art Class

6 min read

Over the summer, your preschooler drew on the sidewalk with chalk, got her fingers messy with paints, created puppet shows for his family, and sang along to their favourite movie. Creativity doesn’t have to end with long, sunny days. Whether you have a child heading to preschool, daycare, or kindergarten in September, or they’re joining…

Ariane Fleischmann

kids making art

Benefits of extracurricular activities for students

3 min read

There are seemingly endless options for after-school activities that your children can get involved in, from soccer to swimming to piano lessons. But what do your children really get out of these activities? Here are some reasons why your kids should participate in extracurricular activities, beyond the standard ‘it looks good on a resume.’ Extracurricular…

Susan Cumberland

teaching on myths

It’s time to plan the Fall activities

4 min read

Back to School is just around the corner. It's now time to stop thinking about which Summer Camps to enroll the kids in and consider which activities for them to do after school and on weekends. Will it be the same as last year? Or are you considering something new? Here are some ideas that…

Carlie Parkinson

children dancing

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