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Creative Play Outdoors Is Magic For Kids!

5 min read

A day in the life of a little Sapling is one filled with joy, connection, and so much imagination. HEADING OFF FOR SOME DRAMATIC OUTDOOR PLAY! We head off to the forest with our packs loaded up with snacks, water bottles, and extra gear. The supplies we bring with us depend on our group and…

Shannon Emery

Snail play in nature

Where to Draw the Line:  How to Start a Family

9 min read

Out of nowhere, a great bogeyman has pounced on our students, schools, teachers, and parents simultaneously creating chaos, confusion, and wonder.   What is this strange beast that has created such a conundrum of fear, curiosity, and euphoria?  Artificial Intelligence or AI, as we all know it.  Why out of nowhere?  Because on November 30,…

Carew Papritz


Education Issue is here!

< 1 min read

In this issue, we have provided more information about what these report cards will look like. The BC government has made some changes and the new format has been updated to better encourage our children’s learning. We have also included information about various learning approaches—critical thinking, project-based learning, music, and of course play and its…

Carlie Parkinson

Education issue cover

Academic Anxiety In Our Children Can Be Managed When We

7 min read

Understanding The Feelings Of Our Children Is Key To Guiding Them Towards Success When They Are Experiencing Academic Anxiety. Written by Marcus Lau, Cowritten by Rhiannon Lewis As parents and educators, we hold key roles in the beautiful journey of our children’s growth, from their early years to adolescence. This time in their lives is…

Marcus Lau

academic anxiety

Introducing Vancouver’s First & Only Dedicated STEM High School

5 min read

In order to tackle the large issues we are facing in today's (and tomorrow's) world, STEM skills are needed more than ever, and benefit everyone. Thriving in work and in life requires computer and data literacy skills. It's a given that future researchers and scientists will rely on these skills. Imagine a world though where…

Lorrie Holmes


What are the different types of Independent and Private Schools

7 min read

With all that’s going on in our ever-changing world, so many families seem to require extra support these days in their children's education. Luckily our province is rich with options for both private and independent schools that look and function in many different ways. Students who attend these enriched schools can be more academically challenged,…

Lorrie Holmes


Find what you are looking for at Mulgrave School!

3 min read

Mulgrave School’s mission of Inspiring Excellence - the pursuit of personal best - in Education and Life is one that rings true in its holistic approach to education for every student from their wee preschoolers to the Grade 12s who are ready to spread their wings. With the IB programme at its core, Mulgrave offers…

Carlie Parkinson

child at Mulgrave School

How to Help Your Child Become a Reader Using Their

6 min read

Using a child’s passions brings out their innate genius. Assigned school subjects are not usually what children are interested in, but parents and tutors can help a child to use their hidden passions when an assignment is given and I know how to help your child read.

Dr. Victoria Waller



12 min read

When we think of educational field trips choices, we traditionally start with places like art galleries and museums, and planetariums and aquariums to name a few. They are obviously great choices for children to learn from. Nowadays, the list is long for places to visit outside of the classroom where learning is reinforced in some…

Lorrie Holmes

Field Trips - teacher and class

Exciting Back to School is coming!

< 1 min read

It’s been a great summer filled with quality moments with our families at exciting locations around the city. There are a few weeks left, but now it is time to start preparing for the school year. In this issue, we have an article to help you choose a location for a new early learner. It’s a tough…

Carlie Parkinson

Back to School

TKS is the world’s top innovation program for students ages

3 min read

The world has changed. The advice we give our young people needs to change along with it. What was once true (in many cases) no longer is.  For example - in high school, students are still told that as long as they optimize for good grades, an extracurricular, and play on a sports team, this…

Carlie Parkinson

TKS - children gathering

Want a Happy Child? Here are 10 Scientifically Proven Ways

10 min read

We've all seen the happy child who leans into life, smiling all the way, seemingly without a care in the world. How does this happen? Are they born this way, or can we teach kids ways to optimize their emotional well being?

Sarah R Moore

Happy child

CBC Kids reads shares the love of books with young

3 min read

As CBC’s great Canadian book debate, Canada Reads, returns for its 22nd edition later this month, a new generation of book lovers are encouraged to participate in the literary celebration with CBC KIDS READS, also running March 27 – 30.

Angela Wanja

CBC Kids

Building Collective Resilience to Address Harmful Content Online

7 min read

Access to digital media literacy education also plays a role in building collective resilience when addressing the problems and harms people face in online spaces. Within the report, we highlight that youth are interested in learning more about how to be safe online, report inappropriate behaviour or content, and deal with hateful, racist, or sexist…

Samantha McAleese

Checking out content online

It’s Pi Day! Learn all about this Worldwide Celebration of

4 min read

Today is March 14th (or 3.14) and it’s a day honouring one of the most famous numbers in mathematics, also known as Pi! Once a year, Pi Day is celebrated worldwide by eating pies, pizzas, and for math lovers, it’s a day for celebrating the universal language that math is. But what actually is pi…

Mandy Rusin

Great Ancestral knowledge and traditions of the Indigenous people

6 min read

The ancestral knowledge and traditions of the Indigenous peoples in this part of the world are as rich and diverse as the landscape itself. Thanks to the imagination and generosity of writers and artists working in these communities, kids from all cultural backgrounds can discover this fact for themselves, even in their very first try…

Angela Wanja

Sharing ancestral knowledge

Exciting News: The 2023 Family Resource Guide is here!!!

< 1 min read

It's hard to believe it's already March and you may be anxiously awaiting Spring, like me. It's coming soon and so are the activities, Spring Break, and Summer Break. Our Family Resource Guide was put together to provide you with lists of businesses that can help you connect with the businesses you need to talk…

Carlie Parkinson

Could Your Child’s Reading Difficulty be Dyslexia?

5 min read

Children learn to read at their own pace but if your child is struggling to make significant progress compared to their peers, it may be possible they have a reading problem called dyslexia. According to Mayo Clinic, “Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how…

Sarah Lyons


5 Great Tips to Help Teach Babies and Toddlers to

5 min read

Here are five elements to help parents choose and use books to successfully to support communication development in infancy and toddlerhood (or at any point in early language learning):

Stephanie Cohen


5 Great Tips to Finding the Right Tutor for Your

7 min read

There are many reasons for a child to fall a bit behind in one school subject or another. Maybe your family moved and the new school does things differently, or maybe your child is operating on a different developmental clock than the curriculum. Whatever the reason, being behind other learners is never a happy situation…

Carlie Parkinson


CURSIVE: Outdated or Relevant?

5 min read

It made me wonder if cursive was a thing of the past or something worth reviving. It’s certainly a highly debated topic in educational settings. The role of cursive is ambiguous at best and there are no clear answers. One thing we can all agree on is that the role of cursive in modern education…

Rebecca Hastings


Why parents choose private school

2 min read

Some features parents look for when they turn to the private system include a specific educational approach, such as Montessori or Waldorf; a particular religious or cultural setting; a strong academic setting or a program for children who are gifted; the ability to accommodate special needs; the flexibility to accommodate special scheduling required by art,…

Carlie Parkinson

Private School

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