Does juggling kids and career make you run on a 1% of the power charge?

Does juggling kids and career make you run on a 1% of the power charge?

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Life as a mom can be hectic, especially if you are juggling a career in addition to taking care of your kids. I personally think moms are very similar to cell phones because we’re always ‘on’ and play a critical role when it comes to communicating with loved ones and managing every aspect of our family’s life. 

However, it’s important to remember that cell phone batteries run low and need some time to power up. They’re no good to us if we don’t allow them to recharge. Even the most expensive, glamorous, high-tech smartphones (aka, the moms who seem like they have everything together) need to be turned off and connected to a power source so the battery doesn’t die.

I’m sure you have also experienced having a low battery as a mom. Have you ever thought to yourself, “One more task, then I’ll take a rest”? And then when the task is complete you can’t help but tell yourself, “Actually, if I could just knock one more item off my to-do list I’ll finally sit down and take a break and practice self-care.” And the responsibilities keep piling up, and before you know it, months or years have gone by and you’ve never gone on your dream vacation or had a much-needed girls’ night out. 

Why You Need a “Battery Saver”

Have you noticed that most cell phones have a battery saver option? The mechanism can help warn you when the phone’s battery is running low so you can find a way to conserve energy until you can find a power source to recharge it. Many cell phone models usually allow you to adjust the settings and decide when you would like to be notified – say when the battery is at 15% or 20% – depending on your personal preference and risk tolerance. 

I personally think every mom should also have a battery saver. For example, imagine your kid suddenly has a major illness and needs to go to the hospital, or your partner loses their job or any other crisis that could cause additional stress and anxiety. Wouldn’t it be great if you had an automatic battery saver that could kick in and block out all the unnecessary low priority tasks so you could conserve energy and just focus on the immediate emergency at hand?

Even though it can feel at times like you have a superwoman-like ability to juggle impossible tasks at the same time, your mental, physical and spiritual health is very important and shouldn’t be neglected. There’s only one of you, so it’s important to remember that you are a human being with needs. Remember, cell phones are just products that are easily replaceable –  but you are not! 

power charge

Power Up with My Life Couch

Do you wake up some mornings and yearn to stay in bed so you can catch up on some much-needed rest but force yourself to get moving because you have no choice? Or maybe you’re so focused on surviving and making it through each day that you can’t even think about recharging yourself. If you can identify with any of these scenarios, you’re not alone.

As a professional life coach, I see so many moms let their batteries run low because they were taking care of other people. That’s why I’m passionate about helping overworked moms find their inner spark again and recharge their batteries so they can accomplish their personal and professional goals. My business, My Life Couch, is like a portable power source that you can use to get you through those tough moments when you’re low on energy until you are able to connect to a permanent or long-term power source.

Think back to the last time you felt the most refreshed or energized. Chances are it was after you spent some quality time with some of your friends at a brunch or immersed yourself in one of your many creative hobbies. My personal goal as a life coach is to make you feel just as refreshed and full of energy whenever you leave our session. It’s my mission to provide the support you need so that you can stop surviving and start thriving. And the best part is that once you’re fully recharged again, you’ll be able to focus and go full speed towards accomplishing everything you’ve dreamed of in life!

The next time you feel like your battery is getting low and you’re starting to feel exhausted, anxious, or stressed out, think about at least one thing you can do to make your life easier. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed with cooking and need help. You can always ask for your partner to pitch in more, increase how often your family eats out at restaurants or sign up for a convenient meal delivery kit. Regardless of whether you decide to start meditating or want to work with a life coach, as long as you listen to your inner voice you’ll be able to find the best way to keep an eye on your battery’s charge.

Gladys Simen – a professional life coach,  passionate about helping overworked moms find their inner spark again and recharge their batteries so they can accomplish their personal and professional goals and live big, beautiful, shooting-for-the-stars kind of lives right now. Gladys considers herself an advocate for the working mama!




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