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Summer Fun and Helping Your Kids Get Their Best Sleep!

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For many of us here in British Columbia, summer means getting out and enjoying all that beautiful sunshine and the great outdoors. Summer is a great time to be laid back, travel more, and have lots of fun. It is sometimes those carefree summer days however with missed naps and later bedtimes that can quickly impact our little one’s sleep.

Here are my favourite summer sleep tips to keep everyone enjoying the summer:

SCHEDULE DOWN TIME – We are great at planning all those fun activities but we can forget to plan in some downtime. While it’s great to be out and not following a set schedule, little ones do need some consistency and downtime. Have a few days scheduled in where you are home, and you can make up that missed nap or offer an early bedtime.

GET OUTSIDE AND ENJOY THE FRESH AIR – the amazing thing about summer is it gets us all outside and often. All that fresh air, sunshine, and activity can really help your little ones feel nice and tired at the end of the day.

KEEP IT COOL – Use a ceiling or stand up fan in their room. Point the standing fan up or to the side to avoid giving them a chill while sleeping. Another tip is placing a bowl of ice or frozen water bottles in the room as it melts it helps to cool the room down. Use natural materials such as bamboo or cotton for your bedding and pajamas. These fabrics are breathable and allow us to regulate our temperatures better. Stay clear of synthetic materials which can trap heat and overheat us. Give your little one a bath or shower each night before bed with lukewarm to cool water. This can be very refreshing and cooling, so they are going into their PJs and bed in a cooler state.

KEEP IT DARK – This is a key factor in getting in those naps and early bedtime when it’s still light and bright out during the summer months. Use blackout curtains or blinds and keep them drawn in the afternoon to keep out the hot afternoon sun and to keep the room cooler on those hot days.

BRING FAMILIAR SLEEP ITEMS WITH YOU FOR TRAVEL -be prepared for travel, pack your little ones a travel sleep bag with all their sleep essentials (white noise, PJs, blanket, stuffy ) that will help your little one sleep better while away from home.

FOLLOW OUR 80/20 RULE – everything is about balance! Balance all that summer fun with ensuring they all still getting the sleep they need. If you notice their sleep is getting off track, spend a few days at home and on schedule so you can get them well rested and back to all that summer fun!

A well rested little one is going to make your summer fun and those longer days that much more enjoyable for everyone!

Jolan Holmes lives in Anmore, BC with her husband and two beautiful boys. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, as well as a Certified Sleep Consultant with Good Night Sleeps. She has over 20 years experience supporting families and children with developmental, behavioural, and sleep challenges. Have more questions, send her a message for a free 15 min consultation or check out her Facebook Events to find her next free local sleep clinic!

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Enter to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Science World Earth Matters! Contest closes July 30th.

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