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BC Parent Profile – Glowing Katie Connolly

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I’m excited to introduce you to a new Instagram friend, Katie Connolly. Katie is a Vancouver girl now living in beautiful North Van. Through her company gloWithin, Katie empowers those who support children (parents, educators, etc), so they can nourish the little lights of this world and help everyone to glow!

Describe your family: Full of love! I’d say we’re all a little non-conventional and really listen to within. Our daughters are beautiful little souls and clearly here on a mission

What’s the most challenging part of being a parent? Balancing it all! Working, being there for your little ones and partner in the way you want to be, taking care of home life, and making sure you look after yourself – this is non-negotiable for me!

What do you love the most? All of it! Well, maybe not the first month of having two (colic + hard adjustment for Sophia), but otherwise it’s really such an amazing experience! I’ve always felt that children are our teachers, and having your own really shows you this even more powerfully!

What is the best advice you ever received as a parent? I learned so much watching and talking to my Mam over the years – be a guide, set healthy parameters and allow the child to discover and learn for themselves. Also asking for help is up there for sure (and hard to do sometimes)!

What is your favourite go-to dinner recipe when you are short on time? I don’t know if you can call it a recipe if I’m truly short on time – usually when my hubby makes dins.

1) Bring a pot of deliciously purified water to a boil
2) With scissors, slice the length than width of a package of frozen spinach + cheese ravioli
3) Place ravioli in the pot until it softens
4) Once soft, drain the water, toss with olive oil, spinach, cherry tomatoes, and additional herbs if you wish
5) Serve + enjoy 😉

Favourite rainy Vancouver day activity? The covered area at Lonsdale Quay for little ones to bike/scooter and parents to have a coffee and chill 🙂

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