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3 snowboards, 2 skis, and 1 excited family! Road Trip – YAY!

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Road Trip

It feels like it’s been forever since we went on a trip of some kind. I’m sure many others feel the same. We were very fortunate to have a great road trip up to Whistler this past weekend. There were no major hiccups and lots of lessons learned!

Here are the “deets” of our road trip…

Normally the worst part of a road trip is getting there. This time it was actually a trip highlight! How is that possible? Well, we got to drive a Chevrolet Tahoe which provided us with so much space for all our gear, entertainment for the kids, and comfort for us!

We started our journey by loading the Tahoe. We managed to fit in a set of skis, 3 snowboards, boots, snowsuits, helmets, gloves, clothes for the day, clothes for the night, pajamas, etc. You get the point, there is a lot of stuff to bring when traveling as a family of four. It all fit easily with room to spare and no need to sit on or with half of our belongings.

Once we were driving, we took advantage of the in-car tech. The kids enjoyed the Rear Seat Media System. They were able to watch something different on their independent screens and had their own headphones. We, adults, were able to enjoy some easy listening tunes, okay Queen, and enjoy the noiseless, calm ride.

Another perk for the kids, and of course us, was that the kids had separate seats with space between them – there was no punching, pushing, or rough-housing in the car. It was great! Comfortable seating for a 1.5hr drive is definitely important and we were so thankful for ours.

3 snowboards, 2 skis, and 1 excited family! Road Trip - YAY! - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Our time in Whistler was magical as always, although there wasn’t any snow on the ground. We had a lovely stay at Evolution Whistler in Creekside. We got the two-bedroom suite, which I can guarantee is bigger than some people’s apartments, I know it was bigger than a couple of mine have been.

We had two bedrooms, an open-plan living room/dining room/kitchen, and two bathrooms! The kids shared a bed and they did struggle to fall asleep the first night, but they figured it out for the second night, perhaps it had something to do with snowboarding all day.

Staying in Creekside was a first for us. It really is smaller and more sleepy than Whistler Village. If you’re looking to party – this is not your place. If you’re looking for a calm, family vacay this is right up your alley. We enjoyed the quiet night and dinner at Dusty’s – which is pretty much the only restaurant in Creekside.

As soon as we woke up it was all about getting up the mountain. Our daughter had a full day of snowboarding lessons booked and she needed to be in Whistler Village by 8:45 am. Once she was checked in at her camp, the remaining 3 of us took the Gondola up to the top.

Because it was fairly early in the season, Whistler opened the weekend before, not all the runs were open yet, but enough were to fill our day. We were able to get a few runs in and, trust me, that was all we needed. Perhaps our son could have gone a bit longer, but by the end of the day – 2 pm, I was spent! I guess I need to do some more training before the next ski trip!

3 things I learned in Whistler

  1. Kids (grade 5 and under) get 5 ski days FREE with the Whistler’s Epic Schoolkids Program
  2. Kids get their first-ever lesson and rentals FREE wtih the Whistler’s Epic Schoolkids Program
  3. Restaurant bookings can be made easily with TOCK – an app connected to restaurants across North America, including the on-mountain ones in Whistler. Reservations are a must!
road trip

Once we were back in the Village, we headed back to the room for some downtime aka screen time for the kids. Yes, even on holiday screen time is a high priority, unfortunately. After our downtown, we headed back to Whistler Village for a much-needed dinner and a wander around. It was the kid’s first time being in Whistler. Walking around the village was quite special. The ice-rink was open and strolling around a car-free village is very pleasant.

On Sunday, we concluded our road trip and headed back home. We loaded the Tahoe and got settled in our spacious seats, ready for another 1.5hrs of highway driving to get back. We were exhausted, being in the Tahoe was so roomy and comfortable, without the coffee, it would have been tricky to stay awake and not sneak in a quick nap.

Thank you to Chevrolet for providing an excellent family vacation. It was short and sweet and a lot of fun!!!

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Enter to win a family pack of 4 tickets to Science World Earth Matters! Contest closes July 30th.

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