Unit 500 - 610 Main Street Vancouver, BC, V6A 2V3
5 - 7 Years
7 - 9 Years
10 Years +

Based outdoors at the beautiful Acadia Beach, Kitsilano Beach or Trout Lake, Sea Smart’s summer camps literally get your child’s feet wet in the world of marine biology! Sea Smart’s outdoor day camps use fun, interactive activities to inspire and empower youth to love and protect our oceans.

If you are looking for ways to engage and educate your kids at home check out Sea Smart’s online Ocean Defender programs! Our engaging courses are developed and delivered by Sea Smart’s team of marine biologists and environmental educators! Sea Smart provides all the resources you need to keep your kids engaged and learning at home.

Summer Camps https://seasmartschool.com/summer-camps Ocean Defender online programs: https://seasmartschool.com/online-programs-for-families

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