Brain Power Enrichment Programs

Brain Power Enrichment Programs

Brain Power is an innovative award-winning after-school enrichment education for bright and gifted students. From our after-school classes, to our series of math and problem solving and grammar workbooks, Brain Power is a transformative model for what gifted education should be about.

We plan to offer BOTH in-class and virtual online options for our Fall/Winter programs, so that clients can choose which way they wish to learn.

We have successfully transitioned into virtual learning in all of our Brain Power programs, delivering students exciting lessons designed in a step-by-step professional, interactive manner (check it out here: We are now offering our virtual Brain Power courses to students in every Canadian province. Our staff are always available for unlimited one-on-one conference calls with our students. Our classes are synchronous and interactive, providing students with the opportunity to be joined by their like-minded peers and instructor on call to discuss materials, ask questions, and get inspired!

Brain Power goes above and beyond other enrichment learning providers on the subject of virtual learning. By using a Learning Management System, Canvas by Instructure, we are following the example of leading universities around the world. Students have 24-hour access to our material, and parents enjoy the transparency that comes with instant and secure access to their child’s performance in our classes. Canvas has provided us with the opportunity to continue to offer our educational services to all of our students in an easily accessible manner.

Brain Power
9600 Bathurst Street, Suite #313, Vaughan, Ontario, L6A 3Z8
10 Years +
All Ages

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