Solvedia Learning Centre

Solvedia Learning Centre


Welcome to Solvedia Learning – ONE-STOP educational Centre for your kids!

​Solvedia is an after-school learning centre that focuses on building confidence and intelligence within students. Our courses are specifically chosen to help advance students in their regular schools, as well in their everyday lives.

We make sure learning is fun and stress-free, whether it is online or at our centre.

List of our current courses and programs:

– Math for children ages 3-12 (based on Singapore Math)

– Math for high school and university levels (including SAT, AP, IB)

– Math contest preparation

– Programming for ages 8+

– English (all levels)

– Spanish, French, Russian languages

– Chess for ages 8+

Don’t know how to entertain your kids this summer? Look no further! We have just launched our new summer camp program for kids ages 6-8 and 9-12!   During our summer camp, your kids will be involved in the following activities:   -Thinking Math and Fun Math;  – Coding for kids;  – Chess for beginners;  – “Young Engineers” activities;  –  Games at the park. 

We provide lunch and snacks.   ​Reserve your spot today!

2608 Shaughnessy St #203, Port Coquitlam, BC V3C 3G6
3 - 5 Years
5 - 7 Years
7 - 9 Years
10 Years +

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