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Sharon Selby
10 Helpful Tips For You and Your Child with Back-To-School Anxiety

Reading Time: 7 minutes September is known as a very stressful month for parents and kids, so let’s make a plan to reduce the stressors and lower the anxiety in your home. Here are 10 tips to help your children get over it.

Why Time-Outs Are Out (and Grounding too!)

Reading Time: 8 minutes Time-Outs (and grounding) work temporarily in the short-term but they don’t work well for the long-term

The Pheonix rises out of adversity

Reading Time: 6 minutes A story from Sharon Selby about how smartphones/social media contribute to so much teenage angst – toxic competing and comparing which then increases anxiety and depression. I believe we need to take a stronger stance on smartphones.

Advice: Coronavirus Anxiety in Kids

Reading Time: 6 minutes Last week, I wrote a six-step script for  How to Handle the Big “What If’s?”,...

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