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Adolescent Development and Mental Health Concerns

Puberty can be the tipping point for some teens when it comes to mental health and sense of self. It’s very common that a child who was experiencing mental health concerns in the tween years struggles more once they hit puberty.

Twelve Tips to Teach Gratitude

In Canada, it is Thanksgiving weekend.  We have a lot for which to express gratitude, but sometimes it can be difficult to impart this message of gratefulness to our children.  However, there are some things we can do.

Understanding the 7 Ways Our Kids Experience Toxic Shame

What Is Toxic Shame? Shame has its roots in punishment. Punishment was the default method...

10 Helpful Tips For You and Your Child with Back-To-School Anxiety

September is known as a very stressful month for parents and kids, so let’s make a plan to reduce the stressors and lower the anxiety in your home. Here are 10 tips to help your children get over it.

Why Time-Outs Are Out (and Grounding too!)

Time-Outs (and grounding) work temporarily in the short-term but they don’t work well for the long-term

The Pheonix rises out of adversity

A story from Sharon Selby about how smartphones/social media contribute to so much teenage angst – toxic competing and comparing which then increases anxiety and depression. I believe we need to take a stronger stance on smartphones.

Advice: Coronavirus Anxiety in Kids

Last week, I wrote a six-step script for  How to Handle the Big “What If’s?”,...

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