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A new future for swim lessons

A new future for swim lessons

Swim lessons
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Reading Time: 4 minutes

I fondly remember my children’s first swimming lesson. The time spent with them in the pool were memories I won’t forget. Of course, the main reason we teach our children how to swim is for their safety and not just the fun of it. As parents, we want to ensure our children are safe and confident in the water. From 2011-2015, 67% of water-related fatalities occurred from May to September.1  If you are a new mom or have a new baby, how can you ensure you and your baby are more prepared for time in the water? Before we would just register for the baby and me swim classes to get their toes wet, so to speak. Now, what do parents do with the recentres closed, and swim lessons cancelled for the foreseeable future?

Karina Renaud has the answer. As an instructor and owner of Swim for Life with Karina Renaud Inc, Karina created an online course to help save lives by teaching young children foundational water skills from their own homes!

“We want all families, everywhere, to know that learning how to swim is an important life skill that young children are capable of.”

Through the online SwimForce™ for babies program, Karina has provided a way to help parents take the lead in fostering essential life long swimming habits. The program is set up into text explanations and video modules that break the proven water routine down into fun and manageable pieces that can be implemented almost anywhere a parent and baby can get into the water together.  Parents are encouraged to start the program with their children as young as two months old but it is good for children up to 4 years old if a child has never taken swimming lessons.  An introduction can be done in the bathtub or your backyard pool.


“It’s never too early (or too late) to start using water to teach, calm, and bond with your baby.”

Repetition, routine, and perseverance are essential components in this 6 module program which covers developing a general comfort in the water for baby and parent, back floats, holding on to the side, and finally, head submersion. This is a fantastic foundation. I’m pretty sure my son wouldn’t have done Tiny Tots 1 three times if I had used this method to get him started.

Online Swim Lessons

The SwimForce™ program teaches parents to:

  • Encourage your baby to build important brain connections.
  • Provide stimulating sensory experiences for baby in the comfort of your own home.
  • Teach baby new skills in a quiet and familiar environment.
  • Strengthen bonds with your baby as they learn new skills, sing songs, and try something new.
  • Build trust between the parents and the babies as they learn to develop confidence in water situations.
  • Have control over the environment, water temperature, and the cleanliness of the facilities.
  • Choose timing that works with your own schedule. (Works around whichever combination of nap schedule your baby is currently choosing!)
  • Participate in a great activity with your baby, even when it might be freezing temperatures outside!
  • Build a skill base and comfort in water situations. Feel more confidant joining other parent-tot swim programs or joining free swim at your local pool.
  • Use techniques to help calm a fussy baby.
  • Gain confidence in handling your baby in the water.
  • And MORE…. take away life long swimming skills that will serve in all future water situations.

All you need to get started is the willingness to learn something new, a little time (10-15 min once or twice a week,  a bathtub, some towels, a few small bath toys and maybe some bubbles. Oh and don’t forget a baby is also required!

If you’re ready to hop in the bath with your baby you can get started right away. For the month of June the course is 50% off.  40$ CAD instead of 80$ CAD BY using COUPON CODE: JUNE50OFF

Just because most pools are closed doesn’t mean the learning can’t begin. Take the plunge and get “swimming”!




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