5 Exciting Fall Activities You Must Know About

5 Exciting Fall Activities You Must Know About

Fall Activities
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It’s started…BACK-TO-SCHOOL prep! It’s time to go through the clothes, equipment, school supplies, shoes, backpacks, the list goes on and on. Part of the Back-to-School preparation is planning after-school/extracurricular activities. Which sports do they want to play this year? Do they want to do something in the Arts like music or dance? I personally like my children to have a balance of Arts and Sports. I think one of each is perfect.

There are seemingly endless options for after-school activities that your children can get involved in, from soccer to swimming, piano lessons to STEM. But what do your children really get out of these activities? Here are some reasons why your kids should participate in extracurricular activities, beyond the standard ‘it’s something to do.’

Extracurricular activities can foster an open mind

Extracurriculars will give your children a chance to explore environments they may not encounter in school or at home. This may expose them to new ideas, interests, and opportunities, which is a great way to encourage their curiosity. 

Help build relationships and connections

After-school activities provide an opportunity for children and teens to spend time in a non-academic environment with people in their age group. This will allow them to build positive relationships in a fun and safe space with others who share a common interest.

Strengthen interpersonal and work skills outside their familiar ‘zones’

Extracurricular activities for children not only allow them to experience new and fun things, but they also help them build important life skills. For example, the relationships they build during these activities will teach them how to work with new people and how to work in a team. 

Teach kids to stay committed

Another important part of extracurricular activities for children and teens is the ability to keep a long-term commitment. If your 12-year-old is on a field hockey, soccer, or rugby team, they will quickly learn that the rest of the team is depending on them to be there for practices and games throughout the season. An activity that requires this type of commitment will provide kids with a great learning experience to be responsible for the activities they have signed up for.

In BC, we’re very lucky to have a large selection of fantastic organizations that provide extracurricular activities. Have a look at some of the local businesses and start a conversation with your child to get them thinking about what new things they would like to try out. this year!

Activities to choose from

Dance Co
Vancouver | Arbutus St & Fraser St
Ages 3 – Adult
Dance Co offers carefully structured dance programs for every level of dancer at both their Arbutus & Fraser studio locations. Discover the joy of dance, in a caring and nurturing learning environment. Register for our fall dance classes online today!

Dance Co

Evergreen Cultural Centre
Evergreen Cultural Centre is the Tri-Cities venue for live arts events and experiences. They are delighted to announce the return of our Fall Performing Arts Classes for ages 05 – 19. These engaging 27-week programs run on Saturdays from October 16, 2022 to May 23, 2023. 
Fall program registration is on sale now! Learn more about these classes and register online here:
Ages 5 – 8: evergreenculturalcentre.ca/kids-public-programs
Ages 9 – 19: evergreenculturalcentre.ca/youth-public-programs

5 Exciting Fall Activities You Must Know About - BC Parent Newsmagazine

Kitsilano, Kerrisdale, West Vancouver
Steamoji is a maker academy for kids that trains builders, makers, inventors and entrepreneurs. Engage your child this Fall semester with hands-on STEM projects and activities! Steamoji’s 400-hour Build to Solve program compliments and enriches children’s school studies by exposing them to new technologies in fabrication, physical computing, engineering and digital arts. With these foundational skills, students are then challenged with problems and encouraged to imagine, create and improve their own solutions.

5 Exciting Fall Activities You Must Know About - BC Parent Newsmagazine

TumbleTown Movement Education Centre
Vancouver – Kitsilano & Richmond – Steveston & Ironwood
Ages 6 months to Adults
TumbleTown Movement Education Centre offers specialized movement programs for children from 6 months and up!   Our programs introduce children to fun and challenging activities through movement circuits, games, and music. Our programs are designed to provide children with the fundamental skills necessary to keep them active for life!  We offer a variety of programs for beginners to advanced: weekly classes, family drop-ins, birthday parties, field trips, inclusive programs, school closure gym-venture days & more!  Sign up today!

5 Exciting Fall Activities You Must Know About - BC Parent Newsmagazine

WOLO Wonder of Learning
WOLO Learning Centre is Reggio inspired and incorporates best practices in education while highly valuing the arts. The School of Arts includes educational development through music, art, character and psychological development. We specialize in providing fun and engaging private or group piano, guitar and voice lessons for all ages. Join our art or dance classes that support children’s well being. 

5 Exciting Fall Activities You Must Know About - BC Parent Newsmagazine




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