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Advice and Tips On How Parents Can Connect With Their

5 min read

We’re all busy.  As parents, you may have work, meetings, chores, and everything else that involves taking care of your family. Teens and kids of all ages have school, homework, extracurriculars, chores, friendship ups and downs, and more.  On top of all that, there’s still the unpredictability of daily life; whether it’s a pop quiz,…

Mercedes Korngut 


Things for Young People (15-18) to Do with WILD Outside

4 min read

It wouldn’t be summer without a chance to hike through BC's most beautiful trails. The WILD Outside team hikes throughout the year, whether that’s under Douglas Firs at Lighthouse Park or climbing Mt. Seymour for a breathtaking view of Vancouver.

Samantha Mills

Teenagers gardening

Adolescent Development and Mental Health Concerns

5 min read

Puberty can be the tipping point for some teens when it comes to mental health and sense of self. It’s very common that a child who was experiencing mental health concerns in the tween years struggles more once they hit puberty.

Sharon Selby

A Vote for SOGI is a Vote for Acceptance

4 min read

In today's society politics, it seems, are predominantly driven by feelings. With the 2018 Provincial Trustee Election just around the corner (October 20th), certain feelings or beliefs could have an enormous impact on our LGBT youth. The BC Ministry of Education has previously mandated that every school district in the province have a SOGI (sexual orientation…

Rambod Rezaier

Anxiousness and depression, bullying

6 tips to teach pre-teens, and teens, correct respect in

10 min read

The #metoo movement has opened up massive doors, for incredible conversations with our sons and daughters about appropriate behavior in the world of dating, and even sexuality.   For the last 28 years, number one best-selling author, counselor, and life Coach David Essel has been helping pre-teens, teens and their parents get on the same page when…

David Essel


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